Friday, 8 February 2013

Say hello to being square.  To being able to stretch up and out and for bottoms to still be covered. To going with everything - blue, black and beyond.  And to being as warm and cosy as the best cup of tea and slice of buttery toast can be.  

Well hello New Navy Jumper.

I am warming to navy.  Navy is warming me.  Having always been pale and interesting blonde, i have always steered to bright colours, and to black, for pulling all my crazy prints together.  I have always saved navy for those chocolate-y haired maidens.  Those who suit olives, ochres and turquoises like a demon.  Until recently.  I have been eyeing up this jumper for days at work.  And i am sure it was looking right back at me.  I just love its slouchy, square and downright swampy shape.  Often one to draw attention to my waist, i feared it would swallow me up right away.  But either this just really works, or i was and still am too cold to care less.  It works over my floral maxi skirt at work, teamed with tan clumpy scruffy boots, and also with shorter waisted skirts too. And i am loving layering it over stiffer, much more structured shirts and blouses.  

I might have lost my waist and mind momentarily, but i am so very cosy that it seems less important by the very day.  And look!  There is room for extra cake and biscuits.  And let's face it, that's never a bad thing at all.   

*Note to self and all who read.  For informative purposes only, this heavenly number also comes in cream, in store and online (Monsoon).  I do not need it, but i am not saying i wont buy it.  


  1. Hehe I loved this post! You're a very interesting writer :) I agree for more cakes and biscuits xxx

  2. Love xx

  3. I love your style, especially the jumper!

    A little bit Unique


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