Thursday, 28 March 2013

Positive Beans

Being British it is in my nature to moan and to talk about the weather.  I am a seasoned professional in combining both.  It often features in these pages.  It is also in my nature to very much GET ON WITH IT.  This week began like this ….
After my intial grumpiness at the impossibility of a bike ride on such a day.  It was a sneaky excuse to be bundled up inside with a big mug of camomile, apple and cinnamon tea and do some very overdue cutting and sticking.  I buy (AND GATHER) a fair amount of magazines, leaflets, look books and other pictorial paraphernalia.  I look at the pictures, from back to front.  Then i read the magazine, cover to cover, the right way round; folding over any pages which i like something on.  This can be an item of clothing, the colour of something; the composition of a spread/feature. Anything to be honest.  These all get piled up on our litle pouf until i get around to cutting them out and arranging them into some kind of order.  Usually by theme. 
  This is my latest little collage in progress. It is hard to put into words but it is sort of a New Hippy/Bohemia/Wear Now collection of images. It is a way of wearing light printed fabrics together and being warm.  I love the idea of casual hats worn with print at the moment.  This girl is relaxed, ecletic, warm and wholehearted.  Her hair is unwashed and her style thrown together and haphazard.  

With a kind Waterstones voucher i received for xmas, i also treated myself to a mini scrap book for all my little cut outs that get a bit lost in my A3 pad.  I made a start on this pretty little book on Monday afternoon...

 This page is inspired wholly by PARIS which you can probably tell! I have been reading alot of French Fashion blogs of late and i just LOVE the elegance of Parisian street style.  This for me is simple, un-adultered elegance.  Paired back makeup, red lips (OF COURSE), a simple bob, pumps and little flick of eyeliner.  Cliche perhaps and a look i shall probably never pull off for i am too much of a pet elephant!  But super scrap book escapism ...
This very early collection of images is inspired/will be inspired by POSITIVITY.  The quote above right reads:  

'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning how to dance in the rain.'

I am hoping to fill these two pages with pretty quotes, lovely fonts and images that i think personify positivity. 

The rest of this week has whizzed by in a hop, skip and a jump of a blur. After receiving a tweet from a local cumbrian blogger a couple of days ago; my little heart was warmed beyond belief to receive such a pretty parcel in the post today ….

Anna, from the pretty little blog The Dusty Attic, stumbled upon this very old copy of Carlisle Living Magazine at home which i had completely forgot i had been in! It is from 2010! She kindly popped it through my front door with the loveliest little note.  Such a kind thing to do! 

Today has been my day off and so i have been pottering about tidying our little space and trying to be more creative with the whole FLOWERS IN MY HAIR thing.  I think i may debut this for work tomorrow.  If my barnet is Spring-ified, maybe the weather shall follow in time for Easter Sunday. 

Tonight, Vogue is my faithful companion. But i shall also be having a sneaky peek over the top while Master chef is on…

I shall also be mostly conjuring up a way to afford the most heavenly and beautiful dress I have seen in my whole life.  Or tracking down a high street and much more affordable equivalent…


  1. I really love your little scrapbook, it's so pretty!

    It was so nice of Anna to put the magazine through your door :-) I wish I could read them both!

    Your photos are as fantastic as usual :-)

    Kate xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. super cute!

  4. Loving the scrapbook hunnie xx

  5. That's fantastic, I love the idea of your scrapbook and it is really beautifully done. I know that you are not happy with the weather conditions but that photo still makes your environment look lovely.


  6. Your blog is so dreamy, glad I stumbled upon it :)

  7. I love your little scrap book sally, its so cute!
    Lets hope the pretty flowers in your hair force the spring weather upon us asap! xxx

  8. Lovely blog

  9. I LOVE that Parisian style! So sophisticated! Glad you liked your little pressie!
    Anna x

  10. Hi Sally,

    I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I've nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award.

    I really love your blog - your writing style and photos are so lovely! They make me so nostalgic :) I really hope you'll take part!

    Kate x

    Cakes and Bakes by Kate - The Liebster Award



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