Monday, 25 March 2013

Groovy Kind of Love

As i tip tap away here in my little space, i am listening to the Love Actually soundtrack.  Apart from it being a fabulous example of a soundtrack (and indeed a bloody good film to boot), i feel confused.  It is not Christmas.  It is not Winter.  I am trying to eat avocados and salad and other leafy goodness but mother nature still has me craving sausages, mash and onion gravy and desserts that can only be eaten with custard.  I couldn't even bring myself to eat the chocolate torte kindly provided by the Mr for dessert last night.  What has become of me?! 

Monsoon Towers are awash with the prettiest maxi dresses, bejewelled flip flops and dresses without cardigans to match and that refuse to be paired with boots.  Bare legs are a long way off. As are flip flops.   

I tried to cycle today - despite the force ten million gales outside.  I forced Lana Del Ray into my ears in the hope of summery inspiration; and wore as many layers as would fit under my little tweed coat.  I lasted one lap and my nose hurt so much i was seriously tempted to dip it into my Costa cappucino.  I decided it against it for fear of the strange looks. 

Bitts Park is awash with a sea of daffodils which sensibly seem to be refusing to bloom as yet (wise).  My outdoor pictures are so few and far between at the moment as it is increasingly hard to operate a camera wearing mittens.  
Evenings i have been getting itchy feet, and not being able to keep still.  No amount of delicious confectionary goodness is helping.  I think my body is tired of the Winter-y hibernation phase we all snuggle into once the nights get darker earlier. I feel sorry for the Mr as i am mostly grumpy and up and down like a yo-yo.  And feel like i am going a little bit stir crazy.  Last nights conversation went a bit like this…

Me:  Do you remember at school when you used to sing the song about the old woman who swallowed a fly, she swallowed the spider to catch the fly perhaps she'll die?

Him:  No.  Well i remember singing something like that but we never added 'perhaps she'll die.' Thats awful.

Me: Oh.  Its just 'cos it rhymes.  Well what did you play at school? Did you ever have stilts? And hula hoops? We did. I was useless.  And we used to play being peacocks with our coats on our head but then somebody ran into a wall and the game was banned.  Or sometimes we pretended to be poor.'

Him:  Poor?! What kind of school did you go to?! No i just remember playing a game where everybody stood in a line and held hands and ran at someone.  You had to break through to win.

In other news i am still bored of my barnet.  I watched Coco Before Chanel for the very first time the night before last and apart from falling head over heels for it; i also loved the quote 'A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life.'  Maybe this is true.  For this reason solely i have been trying to do different things with it and worrying that if i change it too much it wont match with my crazy riotous wardrobe.  A tad OTT really.  

Oh hurry up warmer temperatures.  I am exhausted with Winter now and i want to stop seeing the blue sky through the windows.  I can't wait for ice-cream, sorbet and jelly with pomegranate in.  And for sleeping with the window open and hearing the birds sing away to themselves as i drop off to sleep. And for mojitos outside.  And minty lamb burgers and melted halloumi cheese.  And for freckles.  Especially freckles. 

Loveliest thanks to the Mr for snapping the last couple of pictures.  The post is such titled due to this song and it reminding me of being little and having it play very loud as i helped my mum with the housework (mostly polishing.  I was an expert polisher from a very young age).  I remembered it this week and have had it on loop most evenings. 

Tonight i shall be catching up with some much needed cutting and sticking.  I have a big pile of magazines and other random paraphernalia with my name on it.  Hurrah! And i might curl my hair.  Shall see.  


  1. Love the photos of you taking a photo hunnie, stunning xx

  2. I completely agree with you about the weather! I'm still in my puffy winter coat and all I want to do is picnic in the park and wear florals and polka dots. Not fair! The pictures of you are lovely- I love the flowers in your hair :)

  3. I too wish that winter would say goodbye! The pictures of you buy the window are absolutely gorgeous! xx

  4. That is some awesome post. Love your pictures.
    Check out my new post
    much love. x

  5. Such Gorgeous photos! Congrats on being nominated for the blog awards!



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