Friday, 22 March 2013

Rhubarb Day

Did you know there was an actual rhubarpie day? It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise since there is a day dedicated to most other things these days.  Apparently it is sometime in June.  

I have only fell in love with rhubarb recently.  In my quest to 'broaden my culinary palette' (or after watching people do strange and inventive things with an all manner of ingredients on Masterchef and The Great British Menu).  It has always been something i have loved the flavour of, but not so much the squidgy, green, boiled pond weed look when it is cooked.  When i was but a whipper snapper i remember it as always being sour, green and stringy.  Three things that something you eat definitely should not be.  This week we have resolved our childhood differences and it joins avocados, beetroot and chutney up there with my 'things i used to think i hated but have tried again and actually quite love.'  Now i am a grown up.  

 The rest of this week has mostly been about staying warm and being cosy.  And sneezing an awful lot.  Walks to work have been the quick-march type, many layers have been worn and far too much late night tart/cake/biscuit goodness has been consumed.  But when you are under the weather it doesnt count.  And anyway don't you need sugar for insulative purposes?!

I have been enjoying digging out hats that aren't my furry cossack hat (variety is the very spice of life afterall?!) and also found my stupendous very old Accessorize fairisle mittens on a string.  I am aware i am no longer aged five, but these are the best thing for scatterbrains like me who always lose one mitten.  Am often traumatic experience.  

I have also been trying to use other bags that are not my Cambridge satchel.  I am terrible for falling head over heels for something, buying it and using nothing but it until it falls apart. Then i am devastated as i normally can't get an exact same replacement and then the search for a perfect bag/hat/coat/pair of brogues continues all over again.  The whole thing is rather exhausting.  My little French Connection butterfly satchel, as bashed and falling apart as it is, has been helping me stick to this. 
Behaviour has not been the most constructive this week and the most productive i have been is to recycle and chop up some old candles to make new ones and also use up some of our back log of little glass GU pots.  Cannot stop buying their desserts.  But at least the kitchen is now filled with a delicious smell of old christmas candle-y goodness.  
Sun has mostly been enjoyed inside because it is a crafty piece of work and outside is petrifyingly cold beyond belief.  When i have not been gobbling up rhubarb in the mornings, i have been especially enjoying honey and pecan nut granola with a large helping of vanilla flavoured sunflower seeds. 

I have kindly given the Mr my snotty nose and horrid cold and so tonight (because i can smell and taste again and have no cold and therefore am in good spirits once more) i will be more sympathetic and make sure he is okay. I am planning a hearty tea of macaroni cheese with a side of green beans for extra vitamins.  

Then i think we might catch up with The Fabulous Baker Brothers. Or i might watch the Season Two finale of Girls.  For the third time.  Just to make sure i haven't missed anything…..


  1. i had my very first rhubarb pie in the uk and now i am addicted. it's unbelievably delicious. you can't deny that.

  2. I just love the look of the rhubarb pie!! Lovely blog xx



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