Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Thoughts Please

 I would like to tell you its all been go go go around these parts; that i have an exciting tale to tell or some groundbreaking discovery that will change your life, but i haven't.  

What i shall tell you is that lately i have been largely eating far too much chocolate and macadamia nut granola by convincing myself it is actually good for me. And it is.  Just not almost half a packet at a time.  Lately i have been spending far too much time on Instagram.  Spending far too much time looking at Jools Oliver's Instagram more to the point.  If you would like to follow my life on Instagram you can click upon my side-bar.  It is not anything like Jools Oliver's.  It is largely clouds and sky and food and sometimes my face; but you might like that sort of thing. 

Lately i have also been getting excited about new and interesting SALAD combinations.  Interesting salad combinations like fresh BEETROOT, ORANGE segments and RADISH with a huge dollop of cottage cheese on top for good measure.  Lately i have also been falling in love with everything i can't afford. I know what you are thinking STORY OF MY LIFE.  I have a lovely hen night coming up, and due to the fact that i very rarely get dressed up and spend most of my time in Monsoon towers or on the sofa with a big mug of Lady Grey, i would rather like something new.  Everything i like is a million pounds.  No really.  My outfit so far consists of a flowery headband i might buy and a yearning for something fringed…

Other bits and pieces have been happening of late but before I fire pictorial loveliness your sweet way; may i ask you to take a peek at Charlottes blog post from earlier on today.  I liked it.  I liked how she describes how that one little picture conjured a whole and whopping cavern of thoughts, ideas and memories.  And so i am going to see where my recent pictures take me…

Going round and round the park as standard.  Thinking back to how the GRASS smelt in the sunshine makes me think of school sports days.  Sneezing at cut GRASS and holding BUTTERCUPS under our chins to…  see who liked butter…?! And then making big birds nests out of the grass cuttings and pretending to be birds at playtime.  

Playing with PURPLE hair chalk like a rebel.  Makes me think of festivals and that i wish my festival-going partner in crime didn't now live in Oz.  Also thinking of parma VIOLET sweets and VIOLET creams and a really old body lotion my grandma used to wear…i think from M&S…  Flora-something-or other.

All kinds of TOMATO friends to conjure up all kinds of tomato things.  This makes me think of summer and barbecues when i was very little and hating how cold tomatoes from the fridge felt when you bit into them.  RANDOM. This pretty bowl here is sitting on the window sill ready for culinary adventures.  I imagine sticky tomato jam.  In reality, they shall probably be eaten with a hunk of cheese and some damson chutney as a lazy afternoon snack.
Sneaky SUN at the end of the day - what's that all about Mother Nature?  Thinking of evening bike rides when it gets colder and the sun is almost almost SET, and i feel as if i have to cycle to catch up with it.  Being in bed when you are little and it's light and even though everyone tells you it's eight 'o clock you cant help but feel you are being told a pork pie. 

 As knee-on as i get (GET IT? KNEE-ON?) whilst also co-ordinating with the garden.  This print is a bit 90's.  I sort of think of beach shorts made of towelling, Hawaiian Tropic suncream or caravan curtains.  These flowers didn't smell but looking at them reminds me of how the garden used to smell after tea when we were little and running about in the garden trying to escape going up the apples and pears.  All HONEYSUCKLE and SWEET PEAS.  
 *     *    *  
It's nice to sit and just think sometimes.  Especially where photographs are concerned.  For me this little place is all about the pictures, that's where it starts and i love that a photograph is just a split second in time; captured and to keep forever.  When i look at them again in a week i might have a million other thoughts that pop into my head…

What do these pictures make you think of? I would love to know!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Round and About

Hello.  I felt the need to title this post as such because i didn't realise until i gathered up my pictorial loveliness from the past few days; quite how many things were round. Genius.  Shakespeare has nothing on me.  

For those of you who don't know (AND WHY WOULD YOU), i am on holiday this week.  Jollies.  Holibobs. Adventures.  Whatever you may care to call it. Not in the proper 'sandcastles, planes and beaches' sense of the word (I WISH), just in the 'i'm not at work' sort of way.  But that's okay.  I have so far, had a largely sunny and beautiful week and so i shan't complain.  And i am ready for it.  Gearing my self up for the dreaded summer sale that looms once i return to work…I digress.
Good starts to the day.  I make no secret of the fact that i love breakfast.  I could quite happily eat cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt and/or various warm pastries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I cant do that now i live with a man who needs meat. 
*     *     *
It has also been the nicest feeling to have someone else's alarm go off in the morning and know you don't have to get up.  That if you like, you could quite happily an excusably spend all day in bed.  I don't.  But it's nice to have the option.   I have also been having the strangest dreams.  Last night i dreamt that the Mr left me in the car to get petrol.  Whilst he was getting petrol.  I leant over the handbrake (NO IDEA WHY) and the car started to roll down the hill.  Luckily i managed to steer the car to the bottom of the hill and press the brake pedal with my hand (AS YOU DO) to make it stop.  I then got out and drove back up the hill to re-park at the petrol station so that the Mr wouldn't notice.  I am not sure where this craziness comes from.

BLUE skied early morning bike rides are the best thing.  I have been doing more laps simply because it is all so so pretty at the moment.  My ears have mostly been loving this this (IS IT ME OR WERENT MAROON 5 SO MUCH BETTER BEFORE THEY DISCOVERED MICK JAGGER AND HIS MOVES) and this as i go. More blossom being blown away from the prettiest yellow-ey specimen of a tree.

Eating and slurping on the most delicious things.  Elderflower fizz , white wine and fresh strawberries; chicken, avocado, roast vegetables and giant cous cous with good old handful of rocket-ey goodness.  Sweet afternoon TREATS of rose and lemon turkish delight and rose creams.  And the best thirst quencher for warm days - ice cold water with lots of torn up mint leaves. Also good with a few slices of CUCUMBER in too.  Mmmm!  

Lazy afternoons at HOME with the windows wide open and the sunlight tickling the wooden floors; LAVENDAR earl grey and a little scrap booking inspiration for good measure.  

In other news, the lovely folks at Stylefruits have nominated me, sort of as their 'one to watch' blog, along with some lovely other beans.  Stylefruits are a sweet little website where you can create online collages and 'outfits' made up from current hight street finds.  Rather like the younger, twice removed second cousin of Polyvore.  Every month they pick a few blogs they have been loving and put them to a vote to see who their fans like most.  Sallytangle is currently last (SNIFF) but if you would be so kind, you can vote for me here and give a little blog a helping hand.
*   *   *  
Tonight we are having delicious lamb pastries with lots of salad-ey green goodness and homemade raita and pitta breads. And then i will probably have a bath and sing to Ellie Goulding. Not at her, just along to her songs. 

I hope i find you all well?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Moving Day

I'm moving.  Well i'm not (THANK GOODNESS) but SALLYTANGLE is.  If you currently read SALLYTANGLE through Google Friend Connect (GFC), i'm afraid to tell you that in just under two weeks now GFC shall be no more.

But it's not all bad.  Y'all just need to get your skates on and switch all your favourite blogs over to Bloglovin by clicking HERE.

And more importantly, come and say hello and how do you do to us over on Bloglovin' by clicking HEREQuick march!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Queen for a Day

It's not often i am blown away buy somewhere.  I am often told i am a tough crowd regarding most things - television shows, food, films, restaurants…the list is endless and my attention span more so. Not in a misery guts sort of way, but i can be a fussy little madam when i want to be. 

This mornings conversation mid-warm raisin pastry and cup of tea a plenty went:

HIM:  So what do you fancy doing today?
ME:  I don't know.  I don't mind.  I don't know what there is to do.  What do you want to do?
HIM:  Im easy.  I don't mind. We can do many things…
ME:  Well like what kinds of things?

This can sometimes go on for a good fifteen minutes before a decision is made.  For someone that is so hard to please i am an awful decision maker and i think the Mr is far too nice to say so.  Eventually after much deliberation we decided on Lowther Gardens and castle, just on the outskirts of Penrith.  It is worth mentioning here that i am not really a 'lets visit places and write about when i get home' sort of blogger.  Whilst i love reading posts like this, i don't often think anywhere is quite so fant-bulous to warrant its own little write up.  Until today.  

Today i fell head over heels in love with a castle. In fact not even a whole castle but a castle ruin so stunningly beautiful, magical and other-worldly that i couldn't help but take far too many pictures, get myself far too excitable and not want to leave.  This was the best kind of Sunday…

For somewhere that is inherently, just a castle ruin; i couldn have quite happily spent a whole day exploring its beautiful shell and feeling like i could feel right at home here if this were a whole building.  It got me thinking how beautiful it must look all lit up at night - (ADORNED WITH FAIRYLIGHTS GALORE AND HUGE CANDLES)  how long each and every part of it standing had stood, and who had walked through its doors or fought battles in and around its pretty walls.  

In and around the castle itself are almost 300 acres of the prettiest little GARDENS imaginable.  The whole grounds are open to the public -  parts of the castle are off limits due to restoration work - it was a magical exploration uncovering hidden summer house ruins;  secluded reedy ponds and the most spectacular views of THE LAKE DISTRICT imaginable.  I didn't need to find an excuse to climb and swing away on the sweetest little tree swings!  

After much cavorting about and lots of acres later, we filled our tummy's with homemade sandwiches and BAKEWELL TART from their recently opened beautiful cafe.

It is more than safe to say we will be back LOWTHER CASTLE.  I cant wait until more has been restored and more has been discovered.  But if that doesn't happen anytime soon i am free next weekend..
*   *   * 
After all our upping and downing over woody hills and buttercup-ey meadows, i am looking forward to a hearty tea of baked eggs and chorizo with some crusty bread and rocket. Then to a heavenly bubble bath with lots of candles. How has everyone's weekend been?
* Massive whopping thanks goes to the Mr for kindly humouring me whilst almost splitting my kippers on two tree swings and for taking some beautiful little pictures of me too.  Thanks! xxx 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Blooming Lovely

I am currently sat drinking peppermint tea and wishing i hadn't eaten a walnut whip and three squares of Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate.  Walnut whips are my little indulgences (I SAY THAT LIKE THEY ARE THE ONLY BAD THING THAT CROSSES MY LITTLE LIPS) But sometimes more is called for.  And buried somewhere in the realms of our slant-ey ceiling-ed home; more can always be found.  I am more likely to run out of a store cupboard staple than i am a 'something to dunk in your lady grey' or munch on during Made in Chelsea.  
*   *   *
Flowers are taking over our home at the moment.  We have a jug of peonies and two small jam jars of pale pink roses in the living-room and now a little glass filled with cream roses in our little office.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I miss not having outside space so it feels justified to more than make up for it indoors.  Plus, come rain or shine; it means everywhere looks summery in our little space.  I hadn't realised until recently quite how flowery life is of late…

PEONY watch.  These are the very same flowers from my last post .  It's been the loveliest thing watching quite how much they have changed over the week i have had them. They began the week curled up in a dark purple bud, and finally collapsed in an elegant confetti of petals whilst the window was open and i was too busy munching toast this morning to notice.  

BLOSSOM leftovers.  The end of those beautiful pink blooms of cherry blossom is a sad time, but is it only me who thinks the pavements still look pretty?!

Somebody at work the other day said my hair was 'very Midsummer Night's Dream'.  It made me very happy.  This is in fact a Monsoon children's headband, but i fell in love the first time i saw it.  I have quite enjoyed wearing my hair down lately, and this is a lazy, SUMMERY, flowery slice of loveliness i can't get enough of.  It comes in cream too….

Smock rocking on damp summer evenings.  I have worn this beautifully dip dyed summer smock form Topshop on more occasions than i care to remember.  Because it has a long sleeve its perfect for these days when you don't know quite how the weather's going to go.  Such a beautiful print means its a shame to cover it with my tangled tresses. A scruffy topknot with as many silk flowers as i can fit, is perfect.

POPPY shop.  I spotted these stunners bobbing in the breeze whilst out on my two wheels this morning. Have you ever seen anything so perfect?! So bold and beautiful and yet so delicate all at the same time. Easily my second favourite bloom to PEONIES.  
Enjoying LIGHTER evenings with the windows wide open, the smell of summer evenings and birds singing their little songs. 

Tonight i plan to add a little bit more lilac to the ends of my hair. Right now i am going to grab a handful of walnuts.  Feeling a little peckish. How can i go from full enough to pop and hungry in the half hour its taken me to scribble down this post?! Blimey!!

Does anyone have anything nice planned for the weekend?


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