Friday, 14 June 2013

Blooming Lovely

I am currently sat drinking peppermint tea and wishing i hadn't eaten a walnut whip and three squares of Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate.  Walnut whips are my little indulgences (I SAY THAT LIKE THEY ARE THE ONLY BAD THING THAT CROSSES MY LITTLE LIPS) But sometimes more is called for.  And buried somewhere in the realms of our slant-ey ceiling-ed home; more can always be found.  I am more likely to run out of a store cupboard staple than i am a 'something to dunk in your lady grey' or munch on during Made in Chelsea.  
*   *   *
Flowers are taking over our home at the moment.  We have a jug of peonies and two small jam jars of pale pink roses in the living-room and now a little glass filled with cream roses in our little office.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I miss not having outside space so it feels justified to more than make up for it indoors.  Plus, come rain or shine; it means everywhere looks summery in our little space.  I hadn't realised until recently quite how flowery life is of late…

PEONY watch.  These are the very same flowers from my last post .  It's been the loveliest thing watching quite how much they have changed over the week i have had them. They began the week curled up in a dark purple bud, and finally collapsed in an elegant confetti of petals whilst the window was open and i was too busy munching toast this morning to notice.  

BLOSSOM leftovers.  The end of those beautiful pink blooms of cherry blossom is a sad time, but is it only me who thinks the pavements still look pretty?!

Somebody at work the other day said my hair was 'very Midsummer Night's Dream'.  It made me very happy.  This is in fact a Monsoon children's headband, but i fell in love the first time i saw it.  I have quite enjoyed wearing my hair down lately, and this is a lazy, SUMMERY, flowery slice of loveliness i can't get enough of.  It comes in cream too….

Smock rocking on damp summer evenings.  I have worn this beautifully dip dyed summer smock form Topshop on more occasions than i care to remember.  Because it has a long sleeve its perfect for these days when you don't know quite how the weather's going to go.  Such a beautiful print means its a shame to cover it with my tangled tresses. A scruffy topknot with as many silk flowers as i can fit, is perfect.

POPPY shop.  I spotted these stunners bobbing in the breeze whilst out on my two wheels this morning. Have you ever seen anything so perfect?! So bold and beautiful and yet so delicate all at the same time. Easily my second favourite bloom to PEONIES.  
Enjoying LIGHTER evenings with the windows wide open, the smell of summer evenings and birds singing their little songs. 

Tonight i plan to add a little bit more lilac to the ends of my hair. Right now i am going to grab a handful of walnuts.  Feeling a little peckish. How can i go from full enough to pop and hungry in the half hour its taken me to scribble down this post?! Blimey!!

Does anyone have anything nice planned for the weekend?


  1. Bonjour,
    Magnifique !! Moi aussi j'ai fait un thème sur les fleurs

    Sylvie ♥

  2. I love flowers in your hair - the floral headband you found is soooo pretty! Never would've guessed it was from Monsoon's kids department though! :) x x

  3. So much prettiness! I love your shoes a lotlotlot <3
    Kaz at Sunshine Days xxx

  4. What lovely pics Sally! Lovin' those flowers, so pretty. I'm making handkerchiefs tomorrow and possibly going out for a few beverages. Happy Friday.
    Jo :-) x

  5. Your hair looks goooooorgeous in that topknot! Love all these flower pictures, so gorgeous :)


  6. Lovely, amazing and so romantic :)




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