Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mellow Yellow

I am all of a sudden secretly loving YELLOW.  Actually not even secretly.  I have just bought some lemon ankle socks to cement my love - to show the world - a formal declaration as if taking numerous pictures of anything the sun touches; along with dandelions, buttercups and over the top beautiful trees wasn't enough already. Now my feet will say i love YELLOW too.

What does YELLOW make you think of? How does it make you feel?  It's a happy colour, no doubt about it.  Its warm, inviting, bright and cheerful.  It is daisies dancing in the breeze; buttercups bobbing in the verges and its SUNSHINE.  Great big beams of blous-ey ballsy sunshine bursting through the clouds.  And if that isn't enough to put a great big whopping smile on your chops no matter what then you are one tough cookie. 
*   *   *
  The great big beams of sunshine this week have definitely been putting a smile on my cheeks, along with some other little bits and bobs… 

Buying the cheapest, saddest little bunch of squashed peonies on a late night wander to the supermarket the other night.  PEONIES are by far one of my most favourite blooms - so bold, bright and brilliant.  Two days in a big clay jug with lots of sunshine and water; these are well worth the £1 they cost.

BLUE skied rides of the bicycle kind after work.  Bare legs, scruffy hair scraped on top of my head in a messy bun and sunglasses.  Falling in love with smell of SUNSET flowers, damp grass and the gentle bubble of the river as i go.  
Treats!  1. More ankle wear.  I think i have more socks than anything else in my underwear drawers now.  Socks and Lush bath bombs...Love pairing these gems with brogues and swing-ey floppy printed skirts or dark indigo printed skinny jeans when the rain clouds loom  2. Keeping the candle addiction burning bright.  These Lily-flame candles are my absolute favourite and its safe to say i would buy every single one if i could.  BLUEBELL FOREST smells exactly like the park as the sun sets.  Perfect for late night bubbles and a good book  3. Going back to my roots.  Perfume is such a personal thing and its so very hard to find one you love that isn't already one you associate with someone else! Im going to stop trying and start wearing what i used to wear many moons ago.  Anna Sui's 'FORBIDDEN AFFAIR' is just as magical now as it was then 4. Stocking up.  My make-up is pretty much the same for day and night, but one thing my pale little face cannot live without is Bourgeois blusher in ROSE D'or 5. New Reads.  I stumbled across this little gem of a book for a measly £5.  Looking forward to reading a beautifully illustrated story all about where British Style came from.  Obviously whilst wearing my new perfume, lemon-ey socks, pink blusher and burning my new Bluebell candle.   

  Finding the YELLOW-EST most sweet smelling tree of goodness whilst out cycling today.  Oh tree i know not what you are but i love you so.

Favourite reads with only the finest beverages for company.  Mostly this is Simple Things magazine with Twining's LAVENDER earl grey and a couple of chocolate covered ginger biscuits.  When there isn't work the next day, sometimes it can be a Simple Things Magazine with a not-so-bad bash at making my own MOJITO. But it's always Simple Things Magazine.   Front to back.  Back to front.  Odd pages here and there.  Folded over pages for later reading.  Front to back like you have never read it before when actually you only read it the night before.

Clearly there is a problem.  

I do hope the SUis stretching out to each and every one of you and you have all had a lovely weekend too.  



  1. I love Lily Flame candles xx

  2. Love the photography in this post! :)

    1. do u wear pom pom socks

  3. Pretty, pretty photos Sally. I love how colourful the world out there is at the moment, its so lovely :)
    Those peonies are lovely- its nice to give the old, unwanted flowers in the shop a happy little home sometimes, I feel sorry for them otherwise!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  4. Such a lovely post! Yellow is such a lovely color-- so vibrant and happy. I'm so envious of your Peonies! They cost an arm and a leg over here in Hawaii. And your mojito and magazine reading sounds positively divine! Your nails are adorable too.

    Reading your posts always put a smile on my face :)

    1. i wear yellow pom pom socks do u wear pom pom socks

  5. This post is so beautifully written :) I am SO WITH YOU on the yellow obsession! Just can't get enough!


  6. Also love yellow and that Luella book is a gem - hope you enjoy as much as I did! :) XX



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