Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Before and Earlier

Today is Tuesday.  And at this precise moment in time i am sat eating a creme egg and it's the best thing.  It was one of those 'got to have chocolate - haven't got chocolate moments' where if you don't eat chocolate you feel as if you might die and nothing else will do.  After a rummage of such epic proportions you might think it was the end of the world, (IT LOOKS A LOT LIKE WE HAVE BEEN BURGLED) i stumbled upon a long lost creme egg behind the red leicester in the fridge.  Now life is good and normality can be resumed. This has nothing whatsoever to do with what may follow but i am so very happy that i just had to share.  
*   *   *
The last week or so has felt like one of whirlwind proportions.  Without the risk of sounding too middle-aged, where is the year going?! I cannot believe it is June.  But i am glad that the weather finally seems to be doing what is expected of it at this time of year.  Last weekend was spent in Manchester at the prettiest classic car show where i cemented my love for anything Volkswagon and old; almost bought a very very old and sad looking push-bike to do up (APPARENTLY IT IS NOT SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE BIKE BUT PERFECTLY OKAY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE CAR - DOUBLE STANDARDS!!) and got extremely badly sun burnt on the back of my neck completely out of nowhere.

It was a lovely day of blue skies, gazing at old and lovely trinkets for even older and lovelier cars (AND WANTING TO BUY A LOT) and a very pretty sunset drive back up north to rest our little heads before monday morning.  
*   *   *
Minus our little adventure to Manchester, lately has been a bit lazy - in the nicest possible way.  When the weather is so beautiful it is almost a crime to move too fast and miss it all.  Mornings have been for soft paisley pyjamas and maple and raisin pancakes…

Then for pretty late morning bicycle laps around the park, saving trampled bluebells and seeing Summer (DARE I EVEN WHISPER IT?!) come into its own. The colours are just so so beautiful.  
It is the nicest thing to be able to have all of our huge windows open in the afternoon too - i love the little breeze wafting through and all the pretty shapes the sun makes dancing on the wooden floors.  Perfect to lie on the rug and read a magazine with a big mug of Lady Grey and a biscuit or three.  Above also my favourite lunch of late - avocado, smoked rainbow trout and chopped coriander - delicious! 

Right now i am off to wash my clever little homemade face mask off my cheeks (PINCH OF OATS AND A TEA SPOON EACH OF OLIVE OIL AND HONEY INCASE YOU WERE WONDERING) and read the latest issue of Simple Things magazine.. 

What has everyone else been loving lately?


  1. oh gosh, that vw camper is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. gotta have one. gotta convince my husband it's a good idea.

  2. I love the bunting on that camper! Your bike is suuuppper nice as well. Your lazy recent life sounds lovely, very jealous. The creme egg may be the victory of the day, what a find! xxx

  3. I just love this post xx


  4. Ooooo lovely idea for a lunch that I may need to make soon! Love fish, love avocado - so it's a winning combination in my eyes! x x


  5. Your pictures are so beautiful. And you could absolutely own more than one bike, why on earth not?! ;)

  6. This is a really sweet and well written post, and your photography is beautiful. I adore your blog layout too :)

    http://www.ragsoflove.com/ xx

  7. What a beautiful little post. I love the picture of the bike and the idea of rescuing an old and dusty one as well - I say the more bikes you own the merrier! I have been loving sunsets and walks by the river lately. :) X


  8. Tee hee.. I totally agree with you on the anything VW and old front! So pleased it's not just me!



  9. Hey Sally, lovely post as usual :) I visited my first Vintage Car Show recently too. Love your charming picnic basket and your adorable Creme Egg anecdote! xo


  10. your blog is too cute! lovely photos.
    That salad looks so delicious. :)



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