Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Clover shaped 'Zzz's'

Golly goodness i cannot believe today is only Tuesday.  The last week and a bit have gone by in a whizz, bang, bong, ting and it all seems somewhat of a blur! If you haven't already heard me raving on about it on various other media platforms; our sale started at work today. Therefore the last two weeks have been a blurry flurry of sorting and prepping and a few too many 'longer than eight hour' shifts.  This has resulted in a mostly grumpy me; a mostly not sleeping too well me what with up and down work hours; (I LIKE MY ROUTINE) and a mostly, even more so not quite with it me.  The Mr's a lucky man i tell ya.
*   *   *
By some rare miracle and a very kind boss, i managed to bag today off work and have been very lazy.  It felt so lovely to wake up to kisses on my nose and not the incessant ring-a-ding-dong of my phone alarm!  After a leftover pain au raisin (brought to life after a few minutes in the toaster) and a big mug of lady grey, i felt lots more 'mostly me' and not the horror i had become over the last few days!  

Despite everything being upside down and inside out, i have captured some snippets as i have gone along.  They may just seem a little more random, a little more nonsensical and alot more all over the place than usual.  But if you stop by here often you'll know by now that's nowt new.  
Rainy ends to the day.  I know y'all are baking in five million degree heat as i type this (YOU MAY FIND IT REFRESHING NO?) but lets remember i have been a little absent and so this little gem has still been hanging around.  I like a good pour down at night.  Especially Summer rain at night.  You can have your windows open a tiny bit, and curl up in cool cotton sheets, bare legs, damp hair from the shower and freckly skin.  And there is something about the smell of damp Summer evenings.  Id give anything for a little shower now…(SSH DON'T TELL ANYONE!).  I look like i have had my head in the oven; my blonde mop its twice its size and my legs keep sticking together.  Sexy.
The walnut whip alternative.  I like a good walnut whip.  It's my 'little bit of sweet' afternoon pick me up and i rarely get through a day without one and usually have one knocking about somewhere (EMERGENCY RATIONS).  But when the sun is beating down and you feel like its a bit too hot to put the kettle on to dunk a biscuit; i can quite happily make a big slice of victoria sponge and a few strawberries count as my pick me up.  Just not too often mind you, or else nobody shall be picking me up full stop.  
 Jam and cream roses.  Don't they just remind you of anything jammy and creamy? I think of warm scones (MUMS ARE ALWAYS BEST) butter and strawberry jam.  I spend ages at the flowers in M&S.  I couldn't stretch to these rather pricey blooms despite their jammy beauty; i did however stock up on more sweet williams.  Sweet Williams and pink Peonies are my go to floral loveliness of late. Not only are they beautiful but because they are in season, they are relatively reasonable.   

Blue skies that last forever and sycamore trees.  Despite the heat, you can't deny that an endless blue sky no matter where you look - the kind filled with the slightest whisper of a white fluffy cloud - is the ultimate feel good.  You have got to smile at a sky so blue.  I love sycamore trees.  An odd admission.  But i love the beautiful shape of their leaves - you can spot them a mile off once Autumn comes.  These little devils get blown for miles, ready to grow and make even more pretty leafed trees.  I love the idea that the little seeds have their own green helicopter to twirl them to somewhere new.  
Standing tall.  I love shadows.  I love playing with my hands before i fall alseep. Making rabbits against the reflection of the fairylights.  I love how in shadow form i am tall.  Tall and long long legs.  
 CLOVER feet.  Riding my bike and getting outside a lot more has definitely made me more aware of what seasons bring what blooms.  Tis time for DAISIES and CLOVER.  Summer time green loveliness.  Can you spot a four leafed clover?
 After a few laps of the park on my days off, my usual treat is a big cappuccino.  This has been replaced with an ice cold fresh juice lately.  My two very favourites: BEETROOT and BLACKCURRANT and CARROT, APPLE, ORANGE and ginger (PICTURED)
Decisions.  If you are a more regular visitor, you will know i quite often have flowers of some description in my hair somewhere.  I might have purchased a few more.  (OOPS).  The two big flowers are already mine.  In the end i went for the right hand garland.  Several people have informed me i resemble Julius Cesar or Jesus.  Fair enough.  
 Never getting round to it.  I bought, and washed (TO MAKE IT LOOK A BIT MORE LOVED) some pretty Monsoon bunting.  This is intended to some how fasten to Willow (BIKE).  She still has her wintery pompoms on her handle bars and I haven't had time to quite managed to work out how to attach said decoration yet. 
*  *  *  *  *  *
I hope you are all well and not too frazzled to a crisp.  I am sat procrastinating over putting the oven on.  If i do i might die of heat exhaustion.  But we do need to eat.  And what is in the fridge requires heat.  I could quite go a bowl of ice-cream for tea mind you.  In other news I have also had a new and shiny Iphone 5 as of 10am this morning.  It's still sealed in its box.  I'm a bit scared.  Waiting for assistance from the Mr Apple himself.  Im such a girl.

I also want to say a lovely hello to any new faces to this little space.  I had the special privilege of being one of Rosie from Ciderwithrosie 's first advertisers and she had the loveliest things to say about my little space.  You can have a nosey here if you fancy.

I am off to put my head out of the window…again.


  1. Love these pictures! I've just discovered your blog and I really love it. And I am the same way...I love summer rain in the evening or at night so I can curl up and read a book or watch a movie. It's soo relaxing.

  2. Lovely lovely lovely as always! I really like summer rain too, so refreshing :) xx

  3. your posts are so beautifully written, it's like you are writing a poem about each picture. I really love soft yellow flowers (and sunflowers!!) I hope you have the weekend off to enjoy the sun! xx I bought a paddling pool today for my pup,that's normal right?xx

  4. It sounds like your day off was a beautiful one. You have such a way with words, it makes me feel as if I was reading a fairytale. I agree with you about rainy summer nights. They are so peaceful, they always allow me the best sleep! ♥

  5. I love what you said about cake being a pick me up but not too much or nobody-can-pick-me-up. I.KNOW!! I still would rather have a pick me up than be picked up though, so, scoff on I say.
    I also had never heard of jam and cream roses and I think I am now in love. How I would LOVE to be presented with a bunch of these!! If you would please tell my boyfriend I would be forever happy. Uh, so pretty.

    Flora xxx

  6. This has captured the lazy dozy British summer vibe perfectly Sally! I have been hostage in an air conditioned box with no natural light (my office, zzz) this week and feel absolutely desperate to get out and experience summer; so this has been just what I need to remind me about it's gloriousness.
    Have you tried tiger balm or valarian root for your insomnia? Both work an absolute ticket for me!



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