Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hello to...

The beautiful weather we have all been basking in lately makes me think of summers when i was little.  I can't remember the last time i have enjoyed constant sunshine for so long (AND IT MUST BE ONLY WHAT, TEN DAYS?! IT WOULD SEEM IM EASILY PLEASED)    

It would feel wrong going to bed with the sun still shining and the birds still tweeting.  The freezer would be full of ice-pops in various fluorescent colours (DREAD TO THINK WHAT THEY DID TO MY INSIDES).  Getting up was so much easier when the days felt like they lasted forever and it there was plenty of time to play out in the street after tea until bath time came.  Wearing special blue and white checked little cotton dresses for school with matching socks.  School uniform didn't feel so horrid in the summer months. 

Even if this splendid show of sunshine-y brilliance does not last until the end of August (WHAT I CONSIDER THE LAST OFFICIAL SUMMER MONTH) then i am determined to make the most of every last second of those blue skies and sweet smelling summer evenings and all that goes with them, even if i am i few years older…

HELLO TO everything being and smelling so green.  Looking up and squinting at the brightness but loving the feeling on my cheeks. Being able to smell cut grass all the time (ACHOO!) and having to remind myself i cant keep looking up at the trees or down at the floor when cycling.  Eek.

HELLO TO early evening bike rides when its much cooler and the light so much prettier and different than a few hours before.  Being able to smell wild garlic and the heady scent of lavender flowers on the verges as i go.  Having time to do things after work.  Wanting to be outside.  
HELLO TO bare feet always - no socks.  Warm wooden floors and bare feet.  Finding the sunspots and standing on them whilst sipping on Lady Grey first thing.  

HELLO TO lovely summer-y food.  Strawberry milkshakes and fresh strawberries for mid-afternoon 'can't-wait-for-tea' type nibbling.  Breakfasts to eat on a slower amble to work (FUNNY LOOKS STANDARD).  Yes i am eating porridge in summer but i'm outside and it's got berries in it and all that sort of usual summery goodness. Finding new and exciting sandwich combinations:  a wrap filled with torn up chicken breast, green jalepeno salsa, chopped avocado and watercress, rocket and spinach. A squeeze of lime if the notion takes you.  

 HELLO TO making everything summery.  Summery thirst quenchers - simple icy water with torn up mint leaves a plenty.  Summer prints - wait i don't need summer as an excuse to wear print.  Flowers in my hair. Because how else is there to make your barnet more summery?!

HELLO TO summer bike rides.  My favourite of all.  All bare knees, damp hair, freckly skin and feeling the breeze on your cheeks without a care in the world.  Even if just for those few precious moments.  If everyone had a bike the world would be a much happier place.  Although i doubt everyone would appreciate a pastel green bike adorned with bunting…

Each to their own i say.  What has everyone been enjoying about the sunny loveliness?! 


  1. This post, and you Sally, make me want to put flowers on my hair and get on a bike! You seem to be much better at summer than me. I'm all like "eurgghhh I'm melting and burning and I have to wear shorts, erughhhh" (I much prefer Autumn, I'm an Autumn kind of girl) but I love your description of all the good summery stuff the world has to offer. A very large part of me would love to zip myself back in time and pull on those ginghamy blue and white summer dresses for school, frilly white ankle socks and spend (what seems like) the whole day on the school playing field. Ahhh!


  2. Three cheers to summer! You have made me want to turn off my laptop and get in the garden (after reading a few more of your posts first :P )I have a vintage Pashley bike, and it really is the best thing being able to ride it through the park on a summer evening. Enjoy the rest of the sunshine! xx

  3. You've just listed EVERYTHING I love about summer. It's amazing being able to come home from work and still sit outside, and to be able to eat outside so much! I also have huge amounts of love for your bike. xx

  4. I really like all of these photos- especially the ones of the bike and the one with the silhouette!



  5. I love summer bike rides too. Sadly, my bike is sitting in a storage locker near my university. At least I have something to look forward to come Fall!

  6. I love ice lollies! addicted! I think I need to eat lighter and healthier now the sun is shining! beautiful pictures, I may snap a few this weekend. They won't come out as well as these lovelies x



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