Thursday, 18 July 2013

Golden Days

'It's HOT' is an understatement.  But as much as i try with what sun-sapped energy is left in my little bones; it's rather hard to be in a grump when the days are golden from morning through to night;  as much as you might try.  Or as much as you might feel you have reason too.  

I'm sat here tip tapping away in my little office space after giving up on Britain and Irelands's Next Top Model in favour of a wide open attic window and a healthy breeze.  Oh and also because i am jolly well sick of sticking to our cream leather sofas…and to the Mr.  I am leaving my hair wet for as long as is humanly possible to avoid some sort of heat related coma where i might miss my alarm for work tomorrow.  All things considered, i can't really complain about this week which i cannot believe is almost over…

 Oh glorious day off shaped Tuesday! How long ago that feels.  Because (AND FOR THE GOOD OF MY HEALTH) it's far too hot to be inside to do anything other than sleep; i took myself out for a solo breakfast at our favourite spot.  Before we shared a little corner of the world together; we would often spend lazy morning's in this little spot munching on the most delicious locally sourced and organic breakfast's.  (I LIVED A LITTLE BIT AWAY FROM THE MR AND WAS MINUS A WILLOW BACK THEN.  THAT AND HIS BREAKFAST OPTIONS WERE LIMITING.  I LIKE MY BREAKFASTS) For that reason this place always has a special little place in my heart and as i don't have the excuse to eat breakfast alfresco too often now; i decided the sunny weather was the perfect excuse for a treat.  It was warm, but with a cool tickly breeze first thing; and so there i sat, pot of earl grey for one and as much granary toast and marmalade as i could eat. I did miss him though…

Sneaking wild LAVENDER onto Willow's pretty little handle-bars, after a trip to the park.  Popping it into egg cups to dry ready for LAVENDER sugar to dust on top of rose and almond cake.  

Posing in pink with new baby pink ends and a silly face.  FLOWERS under armpits are the hottest new accessory.  You heard it here first.  
Getting lost in the sweetest places.  After being advised to get on the wrong train; i was stranded here for a good half hour.  There are worse places you could be stranded.  With no phone signal and having drank almost a litre of water en route (AND NO SIGN OF A TOILET) i was glad a train did eventually turn up…
TREATS.  The sweetest, daintiest little silver and fluorescent pink bracelet from Accessorize is my new favourite thing.  Matching hair to jewellery could catch on too…

Sky love.  Skies of turkish delight, molten lava, tequila sunrises and nectarine clouds.  They took both our breathes away.  There we both sat with our heads peeping out of the roof like little photo meerkats.  I will never tire of this MAGICAL little place we call home...
Only ice will do.  We are freezer-less (NO JOKES) and so anything frozen or ice cold is a novelty.  Don't ask me how we survived this long, but let me tell you; recently its been tough.  Tough when all i want are ice-cubes, ice lollies and ice cream for every meal. Except breakfast.  Breakfast is important.  I watched a programme the other day where they made brown bread and marmalade icecream.  Golly gosh…

Sending love and hugs (IT'S FAR TOO HOT FOR HUGS).  

PS  if you fancy a giggle at my recent television appearance, click HERE 


  1. Lots of really pretty pictures! Love your hat.


  2. You have so many amazing photos on your blog! WOW! I think I'm guna spend hours staring at them.
    Rachel x x

  3. Beautiful photos

  4. Lovely pictures Sally!
    And I am jealous of your hair :)
    Shop my closet

  5. Ahh Sally, that lavender looks gorgeous!!
    I feel for you RE the train platform and wee situation. Good god, I need a wee every 20 minutes so this would have made me anxious x 100000000. Also, your television appearance!! I love your cardigan! Does this mean you'll be on local TV adverts?

    Flora x

  6. it's so perfect for you

  7. your blog is oh so lovely! i love your photos and your words.

  8. Fringe envy! I don't think I'd suit a block fringe, looks lovely on you though!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  9. Gorgeous photos! always love looking at your pictures Sally. If that is ice tea at the bottom...I'm very jealous - my fave! xx



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