Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Happily Ever After

I sit, rhubarb and custard tea as my company (OH YES YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT) thinking about the last week or so (AND HOW AMAZING CUSTARD CREAMS WOULD BE RIGHT NOW).  I feel like so much time has passed since i have last sat, and just thought.  That's why i rather like my little space - it like to sit and flip back through my camera and all the moments i have captured, and which could be so easily forgotten if it wasn't for here.  I would like to have more time to spend being thankful of all these little things - but sometimes life just swallows you up.  I shall just have to settle for being thankful inside and not sharing it with the world always.
*  *  *
The last little while has mostly been about skies, food and the most magical day ever.  And some other lovely moments which might have sneaked past me too.  
 Blustery post-cycle skies.  FLUSHED cheeks, extremely achey legs and feeling like i had rode far further than miles would have me believe.  I love how the clouds also look like they have been blown about - all ripples, tufts and fluff strewn out across the twilight sky.  
 Top of the hill angry skies.  Not so long after i took this pretty picture, the heavens opened.  I think you can tell.  the sun almost looks angry, and you could smell the rain coming.  The very best smell.  Well apart from toast, bacon or freshly baked sponge, pie, crumble (INSERT SUITABLE BAKED GOODS)
Power shower skies and sun bursts.  Such violent blobs of icy cold RAIN lasting only for moments.  I came back from the bathroom to find the bluest sky ever and proceeded to stick my head out of the living room window and exclaim how lovely the rain smelt.  

 LEMON-EY breakfasts to match lemon-ey skies.  Its not hard to see why it is so much easier to eat better when the sun shines.  You want to eat bright, colourful loveliness.  Recently i can't get enough of lemon-ey wake ups - the perfect start to the day, whether the sun stays or not.  Poppy seed bread, with melty salty butter and a generous helping of lemon curd.  Mmm!  Or an actual lemon curd yoghurt (GREAT FIND - WHO KNEW?!) with sliced pineapple.  A breakfast worth getting up for in my house.  
 The meanest GREENEST broad beans there ever was.  We munched them with a creamy potato and spinach gratin and vegetable and lentil kievs.  Loved that they smelt green, and i loved peeling back the pretty little pods to find the beans hiding inside, safe in their soft furry pod.  They are also rather nice raw in a salad too!  
 A really good combination.  Like the first time i tried damson chutney on cheese on toast; or strawberries with torn up basil; or… avocado and egg.  I digress! Warm ham and cheese quiche with ROCKET and BEETROOT.  It didn't last long.  
 Late night, lamp light munchies.  Always cereal.  Mostly always Dorset Cereals HONEY and PECAN granola with extra pumpkin seeds. Perfect before bed.  
Small moments of joy.  Let's be honest i could quite easily eat my own body weight in Thornton's CHOCOLATES.  If i put just two in a small pretty bowl; chances are i wont get up and finish the packet.  Most of the time anyway.

 The most magical day ever.  I was lucky enough to go to the prettiest wedding last week, with a bit of an Indian twist.  The bride in question spent most of her childhood in India and there were little references to it throughout the whole and entire day.  I have never been to a more thoughtful, heartfelt and beautiful wedding.  Every little detail was considerate, right from the venue (a pretty teeny tiny chapel right by a lake), through to the pretty little Tuk Tuk the bride arrived in and the sweet Indian table names and beautiful place cards.  Everything was so very personal and so very them, which ever way you turned.  

Later in the day we were entertained by Indian Bhangra and Hindi dancers and encouraged to join in too.  It was all a bit crazy but it is a day i don't think i shall ever forget.  I fell through the door just before 2am, clutching my pretty iced Indian elephant biscuit wedding favour.  
 This is my 'i'm not impressed its raining and have to wear something resembling a coat' face.  I chose my new fringe-y printed Topshop unique poncho and a smock instead.  Oh and a hat.  Really growing attached to this hair saving little head coverer.  
FLOWERS to brighten my day.  The last few days at work have taken their toll and so i plan to be rather lazy for the next two days off which i have.  
*  *  *  
Tonight we shall be making Moroccan chicken with cous cous and curling up and watching Skins.  I am looking forward sleeping in clean, fresh sheets and not waking up to an alarm.  Oh yes!
What's everyone else looking forward to over the next few days?


  1. These pics are sooooo beautiful Sally...
    I never have the heart to delete any of the pics taken on my camera...cause I simply love flipping through them.
    The weekend with an Indian twist sounds fun...Bangras involve a lot of bouncing....

  2. The wedding looks so pretty and fun. You have such an eye for photography and these are just gorgeous, you capture things in such a way!! Even rain drops!! Xx

  3. Lovely post and pics as ever :) Is that the new Skins you're watching? Any good? I loved the first few series of Skins then kind of gave up on it when they brought in ANOTHER group of newbies. I did like Effy and Cassie though so maybe I'll give it a go! x x

  4. Such beautiful photos, the Indian twist on that wedding looks great, that tuktuk is so cool! I saw your rhubarb and custard tea on instagram and it blew my tiny little mind! xxx

  5. You are so good at photographing the sky, Sally! I know what you mean about rain smell. Rain on hot concrete and dry mud is perhaps one of the greatest smells on earth and I'm longing for it to rain so much today.. I don't think it will though..

    Your breakfasts are looking 'licious as usual - have you tried greek yoghurt, crushed meringue nests and lemon curd? All together it tastes JUST LIKE LEMON MERINGUE PIE, only you don't have to make the pie bit. So.good. Sorry if I just started something dangerous.

    Flora xxx

  6. These photos are so gorgeous, also, I'm OBSESSED with that yoghurt! I bought it a couple of weeks ago and was eating them so quickly! Delish!



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