Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Heather and Honey

INSPIRATION hides in the most peculiar of places.  You very rarely look for her.  Instead she is a crafty little madam and always catches you by surprise. With just one word, one colour or one feeling, she has you in her pretty grasp and you can lose hours (DAYS IF YOU'RE ME) of your time.  
*    *    *  
When the seasons are changing, its hard not to be inspired by anything and everything around you.  Whilst i am a print girl;  you can't deny that hand in hand with print comes colour and well, that's almost Autumns middle name.  It's never just one colour that gets me though, it's colour combinations. The more unusual they come, the more i love them.  Colour has such a power that we often overlook.  It can stir you up, make you angry, make you feel energised and make you feel comforted. And what is equally magical is that what one colour makes one person feel, can be a world away from how the person sitting next to you on the bus might feel.  

Meet my current colour crush and seasonal inspiration which started with a candle.  A candle of all things.  I burn the pretty little critters all year round.  I am a sucker for a sweetly scented room and the start of a new season always has me on the hunt for a seasonal scent to fill our little home.  Can you think of anything more pretty and perfect than having your everything smell of HEATHER and HONEY?!  Little Miss Inspiration didn't just leave me at that beautiful candle though…
I swapped our usual blooms and went for bundles of HEATHER in little jars dotted around our little somewhere.  Its so beautiful.  It smells of forests and green; of everglades and wide open spaces with the freshest air.  It's gentle and delicate little buds of purple loveliness and it is fast tracking up my favourite blooms list.
 With HEATHER comes LAVENDER, all heady, sweet and wild.  Its honey yellow bracken flowers hiding on cool Autumn bike rides, all damp from buckets and buckets of rain the night before. 

It's sweet HONEY yellow berries and the brightest delicate SYRUP-ey blooms smiling in the last of the sunshine on an evening jaunt.
It's the most magical part of the day.  It's the last and prettiest light of an unmistakingly Autumn day.  A richer, deeper AMBER sunlight burning through turkish delight clouds, just willing the leaves to fall.

  Finding comfort in the the softest woollen HEATHER and HONEY jumper with a windswept barnet to match. And finding the prettiest velvet covered ivy to camouflage in! 
Being on the right side of the window when it feels like the RAIN wont stop and the wind might blow you away.  Snuggled up with soft blankets and both feet on the radiator, with the smell of freshly washed sheets and towels tickling my nose.  Figs to roast with honey and sesame seeds; and nutmeg to dust over warm oats.  And not forgetting the prettiest pale rose pink lace ribbon for messy ponytails, when twenty minutes extra under the quilt wins hands down.

INSPIRATION is a slippery slope my friends.  A pretty one, but a very slippery one indeed… 

What's inspiring your lovely faces?! 


  1. Wow! Cool blog:) I greet:) Iwona;)

  2. How adorable are those flowers!?
    Well, I think that everything around may inspire <3

  3. Love this post, bundles of heather and lavender feel much more homely to me than flowers! What font did you use to write the word ''heather'' on the fist picture?


  4. ah, your sweater is just the cutest! i love this post!

    lindsey louise




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