Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bricks and Leaves

I have bought three spectacular jumpers and two oversized super soft and slouchy cardigans in the last two weeks.  Even for me this is excessive.  It might be considered even more loopy due to the fact that the only time i have really been able to wear them is when it has been dark.  I'd also be telling a big fat fib if i told you it wasn't with my pyjamas.  I'm Sally and i have a KNITWEAR addiction and i thats why i am sneaking around in my pyjamas.

The truth is that it's actually not quite cold enough for the full on cable knit-oversized jeans-tucked into boots type of get up i look forward to rocking come AUTUMN.  I feel like AUTUMN is being dangled in front of us all.  It's teasing us.  The signs are all there.  Shops and websites filled to the rafters with all manner of knitted apparel and fur-lined somethings, and pretty amber leaves beginning to litter the pavements. The weather on the other hand (OR CUMBRIAN WEATHER AT LEAST) isn't playing ball.  But don't worry, i am getting by and i'm more than managing with those little glimpses of what's to come…
I am not sure why but the start of the colder half of the year always makes me appreciate the older more industrial parts of the city i live in.  Somehow all the green and vast landscapes of the Lake District really come into their own in the Spring and Summer sunshine; whilst our pretty cobbled streets really look beautiful all damp, grey and full of character and years and years of history.  They are lovely to cycle and wander when the rain starts to pour.  Sometimes being miserable is beautiful and inspiring all in one go.  

Dry days have been an excuse to wear tights for the very first time (THERE WAS A DEFINITE NIP IN THE AIR I PROMISE) and to road test my beautiful new and massive GREEN and RED tartan scarf.  A coat was not needed but i am excited at the prospect of pairing this beauty with my tweed blazer and fur cossack hat when the cold creeps in…

Mornings have DEFINITELY been cooler and perfect for early morning cycling wearing matching socks (NOT INTENTIONALLY) and gathering conkers to fill up the sweetest wooden bowl.  

One of the best things about Autumn is how much richer, warmer and deeper everything feels.  I recently filled up on reams and reams of ribbon for weaving through messy ponytails and plaits and finally received the candle that inspired my last post.  It doesn't disappoint. It fills our somewhere with smells of Autumn MEADOWS, of PINE and hints of LAVENDER and sweet HONEY and HEATHER.  It might be my favourite smell yet…(IF YOU DON'T COUNT TOAST, COFFEE OR FRESHLY BAKED BREAD).  

I have been falling in love with loose leaf all over again recently.  And that nip in the air gives  even more of a reason to put the kettle on.  I have also been treasuring time with the face above.  Sometimes life feels so busy and moves so fast and you realise you've barely achieved anything other than a goodbye and and a good morning kiss.  A long and lazy Sunday breakfast this morning was just what we needed.  I often think i would much rather be taken out for breakfast over dinner any day. What can i say? I am a cheap date.  More on that another day.

Lastly and very not least-ly - the best endings to busy days.  Sunset cycles round and round the park and sharing Tunnocks' Teacakes and tea before bed and the end of another day when it's not quite Autumn but it's not quite Summer either.  

At least when the inevitable cold comes comes i know i'm prepared…….


  1. Hi Sally! I just wanted to say that I am smitten with your blog. Your posts are always so beautiful. :)

  2. What gorgeous photographs, love the shot of the berries, I went raspberry picking yesterday - such fun!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love the shift into autumn: tights and slouchy cardigans like you say, plus shiny conkers and piles of rust-coloured leaves to kick through. Yay!

  4. Breaking out the boots! I love it!



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