Friday, 27 September 2013

Something New

I am doing it again, that 'thing' i always do.  Never content with just 'now' it seems i am always 'looking forward to' or 'counting down the days until..' or even 'wishing it was..' something-or-other.  And now is no exception.  Now i am wishing it was cold.  I am mostly wishing it was cold because i have SO many pretty autumn-y or winter-y items i want to wear! 

When the Mr came back in from getting his hair cut a shade after  nine o' clock this morning, he said 'Brr it's cold out there this morning!' to which i said 'yesss!', punched the air and would have 'hi-fived' him too were not for the fact that i knew he wouldn't have shared my  enthusiasm.  So, whilst i wait for the cooler temperatures and because, well i am an impatient gal at the best of times; i decided to do some more work on my autumn-inspired mood boards, order a kilt (BODEN INCASE YOU WERE WONDERING - ITS HEAVEN) and get all my haircut off.  Its been a busy week…

 For me autumn is falling into two very distinct camps:  Ladylike and Grunge-y.  None of this is rocket science if you have been anywhere near a high street or fashion magazine in the last two months.  I like to think that i will land somewhere in between the two.  I am not ladylike enough to fully represent the first moodboard; but i am also not trendy enough to fully embrace the second either.  
I love the idea of the faux fur tippets and wore mine over anything and everything last autumn/winter from sweatshirts and cable knits to my trusty tweed blazer. I also love that there is more tartan out there this season, and there is so much of it on the high street as well.  TARTAN, tweed and wool are among my favourite fabrics and there is definitely something typically British about all three that i also love.  I am excited to wear my new kilt with a matte red lip, nude brogues and one of the Mr's jumpers.  
I love the edginess and undone look of the whole 'Urban Grunge' meets Nineties board above but i think i shall be dipping my toes in elements rather than the whole lot.  I love a messy bed-head and i am excited to toughen up my tweeds and wools with the addition of some flat chunky black boots and a smudge of oxblood lipstick.  I shall be steering clear of anything pointy or spiked though.  

I am not really sure where my urge to go for a dramatic three or four inches off my MESSY MOP came from.  It is quite a revolutionary move for the girl who has famously been 'growing my hair' for at least the last two years.  I think since looking after it a bit more, it has grown so much and so much more quickly and it was becoming a real chore to wash and dry.  I love  the simplicity of my new 'do' and can imagine it looking rather good a bit more roughed up and slept in as well.  And as i know it does grow now, well it wont take too long to grow back.  At the moment I am even thinking i may go a tad shorter.  Then i remember i don't live in PARIS and cant wear a red lip every day without looking like i'm in the circus.  But we shall see…

The rest of the week has been spent delightfully.  Despite the mild weather and the fact that i have been in short sleeves for most of the week, i have so enjoyed seeing the changes around me that the pretty autumn season is treating us with:  CONKERS, ACORNS and pretty amber leaves GALORE.  My usual cycle route is  beautiful at this time of year and these are only a fraction of the pictures i took on an early morning bike ride this week.  

Tonight i am off up to the parents in Scotland (PROBABLY WEARING MY KILT - THE REAL SCOTTISH PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HATE ME UP THERE) because well i'm too excited not too.  I am looking forward to some lovely food and a nice big catch up with those people i should really make time to see more often.  Wearing my kilt.  I love it.  

But now there is a whopping great mug of Lady Grey with my name on.  There might also be walnut whip too…

How is everyone else spending their weekend?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos as usual, loving the Fantastic Mrs Fox trend...those moodboards are beautiful!
    Much love, Jess x

  2. have a lovely time m'dear. I noticed all the leaves on the ground the other day, and was slightly pleased. love this time of year. yes i'm excited for the colder weather, and knits too! your hair loves gorgeous x

  3. YES YES YES YES YES. Oh god Sally I wish we lived close to each other because I feel sometimes I'm just reading my own thoughts. I like this post so much I have butterflies.

    I love tweed, and wool, and TARTAN. So much. My mum and Dad actually decorated all the stairways and hallways of our house with red tartan - which I think is amazing. Also, I love your hair cut & I think you can 100% get away with a red lip if you want to. As soon as I've cut and dyed my hair I will be embracing the oxblood lipstick. Damn it, be cold already!

    |Two With Seven Blog|

    1. Whoops, I'm still logged in as Jonathon! hahah sorry Sally. x

    2. Anyyyyway, I also wondered why I was imagining a very lady-like Autumn and in the same breath a very Grungey Autumn. I didn't realise I had been influenced by fashiony stuff...I think the stuff you see on Pinterest seeps into your subconcious! I'm embracing the best of both worlds, wearing my lady-like coat to work whilst listening to Nirvana at my desk.
      |Two With Seven Blog|

  4. Your moodboards are so lovely!!!

    Rose xo

  5. Oh, your hair just looks lovely!! I'm also dying for it to get colder- I bought a great winter coat a few weeks ago and I'm DYING to wear it! I haven't really worked out what "theme" I'm going for this winter, but given that I'm currently wearing tweed shorts, tights, and a cable knit jumper and am loving it, I think it'll be something along this sort of theme!!! xx

  6. i know me 2 i love the transition into autumn x



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