Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When it's Good

The title above just about sums up life of late around Tangle Towers.  I either have a day where i get up, hair is behaving; i put the right breakfast ingredients in the right places (NOTE TO SELF YOU WILL NEVER FIND PORRIDGE OATS IF YOU PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE) and leave the house on time with no rain clouds as far as the eye can see and a happy little self.  Or i get up only to catch a slight glimpse in the mirror and realise i look like i have been sleeping upside down (QUITE POSSIBLY HANGING FROM THE CEILING) with hair crazily stood on end and a look which can only resemble half yeti and half fruit bat.  This turn of bad luck usually continues as i proceed to drop every single item possible to man and hit my head on every surface it could possibly come into contact with.  I'll also nearly always put something on inside out.  Oh and when i am just about to leave the house (LATE) it will start to rain the kind of rain that can only be described as an almighty monsoon.  There are no middle grounds lately my friends.  That you can be sure of.  Its a jolly good job i'm a 'glass half full and where's the next bottle?' sort of lady.  It's a shame i tend to fall asleep after one glass...
This was yesterday.  GREY, damp days are all fine and dandy once in a while, but anymore than three in a row and i start to feel the grumpy beans heading my way.  It has felt like most of this week has been GREY, DAMP and DISMAL.  Rain showers have been the most violent kind and were it not for good manners and common decency (AND THE ARCTIC WIND) it would have seemed very practical to wear a swimming costume and wellies all week.  Luckily when i can't get out and enjoy October outside, staying in and being autumnal, spicy and cosy isn't too much of a problem.  Breakfast-ing on gloomy days wrapped up in soft mint greens, lilacs and light jumpers over paisley pyjama bottoms is a little bit like heaven.  The breakfast choice of late? Toasted fig and hazelnut bread slathered with spiced ginger curd and a huge cup of Lady Grey or two.  A day so GREY calls for soft cotton paisley dresses layered up with tweed, clunky brown ankle boots, tights and a cosy cossack hat.  Nobody likes cold ears - least of all me.  I know i shall be living in my cossack hat once again this season.  
*   *   *  
I stomped into town, over cobbles and not through puddles and decided to buy myself the biggest gingerbread latte that there ever was and a magazine (ELLE incase you are curious) and settled myself comfortably for a good few hours.  I read the magazine cover to cover and people watched and it was great and good and just what i needed.

Luckily there are days to make you forgive the rain and wish OCTOBER could last always.  Days that make you almost forget Summer and treasure the pleasures a real Autumn day can bring more than any other.  
These are the days that October is made for.  The most CRAZY  beautiful 'can't quite believe what i am seeing' at 7:15 am on a Monday morning sun rises that you just wish you could pause and sit perched on the roof with a big blanket and a mug of TEA.  Afternoons spent on a damp but crisp cycle ride where the winds whips through everything you are wearing but makes the leaves dance before you in such a pretty way that you barely notice.   Re-fuelling in the best way possible - a second breakfast of scrambled eggs, grilled vine tomatoes and potato cakes with a generous handful of sharp, peppery watercress.  Desserts fit for only a Queen, of walnut whip, almonds and the darkest, most bitter chocolate you shall ever taste. Marvelling at new and shiny CHRISTMAS concoctions of SUGARPLUM Liqueur, RHUBARB Vodka and PLUM Gin and creating cocktails in your head on the spot.  And good, really very good sunsets that stop you in your tracks on a homeward chilly wander home.  

This is October 'When it's Good.'    

Monday, 14 October 2013

Two Days

TWO DAYS of different 'every things.'  Different feelings.  Different doings. And different eyes.
SATURDAY grumbly skies, heavy with rain ready for somewhere.  Sleeping until you wake up.  Pale LILAC blankets and pastries with a side order of cuddles.  Feeling BLUE and drawn to pastels of pale LILACS, PINKS and soft mint choc chip GREENS.  Only the softest fabrics suffice.  Freshly washed cottons are soft against the skin and perfect for curling up for a doze or two.  Honey and camomile tea and spearmint tea and just any kind of tea but especially lady grey with lots of milk.  And a walnut whip. Always a walnut whip.  
SUNDAY wanderings of the crunchiest kind.  Crisping and crunching in NAVY, RED and GREEN with tweed a plenty.  Hats, boots and scarves and layers and layers tucked under and into.  Hot cappuccinos to wander with, ginger biscuits for dipping.  Hand holding and head resting.  Twilight walks homeward and sunsets to fall in love with.

All in just TWO DAYS.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn Eyes

I realised the other day that in fact i shouldn't be writing Autumn with a capital 'A' and that actually it is supposed to just be written as 'autumn'.  I think i have written it wrongly for the best part of the whole twenty eight years of my life.  Surely if any season deserves an almighty capital letter it should be Autumn? Don't worry dear AUTUMN i wont be changing my grammar for anyone.  Where is the fun in following rules after all?!

I digress. If you haven't gathered already, i have a rather strong love for Autumn.  And my past few weeks of pining for that little nip of cold after what has felt like such a mild mild start to my favourite time of year; has (OR IS?! WHO'S RULES ANYWAY) been more than worth it the wait.  Now Time, if you could just go a little bit slower so i can revel in orange and amber loveliness, bath in gingerbread lattes…oh and get my Christmas shopping done then that would be splendid. Thanks very much. 

 Dew on the GRASS and wishing i had worn socks. Early morning laps of the park crunching and crisping through mounds of leaves.  Sometimes i like to lift both my legs out to the side and go really fast.  If ever the park was empty i might even say 'weeeeee' too.  But i don't tell that kind of thing to everyone.

Easing the red in.  I love RED.  But i have to be in a certain mood and this time of year is probably the only time you shall see me in such bold colours.  Although i am a fan of anything printed and patterned, RED has always been a 'reserve for the right moment' type of colour.  My red lipstick is poised as i type.  I am also on the look out for the softest chunkiest red bobble hat - recommendations most welcome please. 

Peeping around corners and exploring new places.  I think i have only ever driven along this road in a car, in the dark before.  It may seem the silliest thing but i took a little detour up here last sunday on the way home and loved it.  Its the very oldest part of Carlisle, and the quaint and wonky houses and buildings are so beautiful.  You can also see right over the city from up here too.  The pretty road suits those damp leaves and WILLOW a treat.  

Skies of late.  It is getting so much harder to capture those beautiful SUNSETS i fall in love with daily.  A very small disadvantage to darker evenings!  A sneaky wonky, badly framed 'i have just pointed my phone a the sky because well, i couldn't miss a RAINBOW and now i am a bit late for work' sort of picture.  But i couldn't miss it, i just couldn't.  GREY walks home and being very thankful to Mr or Mrs umbrella or whoever the genius was to invent this useful contraption to those 'i don't have a hood' wild child's like me.  

Feel better cheer up kinds of things.  Why is it that piling on more BUTTER to anything toasted so that its still melty, warm and delicious instantly makes you feel better? It does.  Coupled with a particularly spectacular cup of lady grey, it fixed my monetary blues.  The tapes i fear, need no explanation.  I didn't need them but they make me happy, and on teacake tuesday, i needed them.  Enough said.  You know me by now.  

Faces.  I am struggling a little with my new HAIR.  I love it, i just don't think it loves me enough yet.  We have good days, but we mostly have bad days at the moment.  I love my sleep and my morning cuddles too much to spend a long time tending to my tresses in the morning.  I am a 'tip head upside down and ruffle' sort of girl.  Said barnet is an argumentative little so-and-so.  And usually by the time i have got to work we are in a sad way.  I am sure Miss Chung doesn't have this problem…
News to beat the BLUES! If you follow me on any other social media, you may have noticed the above news.  But if you didn't, i am very proud to announce that i now have my very own column in our local revamped and spectacularity brilliant magazine - Carlisle Living.  I have to admit to doing a little merry dance when i found out.  I am so grateful to them for giving me a chance and i am looking forward to sharing my words in print and not just on this pretty little place.  
*   *   *  
This week i have a few days off and so i am mostly enjoying not waking up to any alarm; making breakfast stretch out as long as possible (TWO CUPS OF TEA PLEASE) and just going slowly.  Tonight we are roasting funny candy coloured beetroot and we are also having cauliflower cheese (HELLO AUTUMN FOOD).  Tomorrow i am dying some knitwear and bits and pieces LAVENDER, because i feel like i want more of that colour in my life right now.  I cant find exactly what i want anywhere, so i am giving a new lease of life into some old bits and bobs.  Im rather excited.  
How do i find you all?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Special Somewhere

I can hold my hands up and say that i don't see enough of the two very SPECIAL people that brought me into this world.  I have more of an excuse than most as i am not lucky enough to live in the same town or city anymore, after upping sticks and moving away from home to study at university.  However i only live a measly hour and a bit away, so it barely qualifies as a good enough excuse anymore.  
*    *    *  
We have never been an overly open lot, my family that is.  But we have an understanding.  We all know instantly, even if it is over telephone or email, when either one of us isn't right and needs someone.  Even when i was small and couldn't explain why i was upset or what had caused it, Mum didn't miss a trick.  She would always know just what to say or do to make it all go away.  She would call it 'mothers intuition'.  I call it something extra special.  I was often easily 'fixed' and usually a big hug and a 'cup of magic' (A PERFECT SWEET LITTLE CUP OF TEA ONLY MUMS OR DADS CAN GET JUST RIGHT) would suffice and then i was back on track to face the big bad world once more.  Most minor problems could always be sorted in this way with no need for words to be exchanged or a big heart-to-heart.  

Not much has changed.  So after feeling a little overwhelmed and with a head full of things that just needed to be cleaned out the best way i knew how, i decided to have a little weekend up at Mum and Dads to recharge my batteries. 

When i lived at home i used to ITCH to get away from the the HILLS and TREES and 'middles of nowhere's' that we always lived.  Now i am a little older, being up north in Scotland, as far away from everything as we can get, feels a little bit like heaven.  It feels like wherever you turn, you are the only person in the whole wide world and that everything around you is ready to listen.  It truly is the most beautiful place i know.  As it was such a beautiful Saturday, we decided to have an adventure into the Galloway hills and see if we could spot any red deer…

Standing on the very edge of such a beautiful loch, so STILL and clear and pretty is just the loveliest place to think and just sit and be still and quiet.  I spend so often whizzing and rushing around that even just being here feels like the most heavenly thing.  

We took a big flask with us and further up into the hills we had a sweet little picnic of fresh coffee and biscuits whilst we watched the river RUSH, 'SPLISH' and 'SPLOSH' past us. 

As the sun started its descent to dreamland we climbed higher.  It was an excuse to gather lots of HEATHER, marvel at all the pretty TOADSTOOLS and mushrooms we came across and watch the beautiful SUNLIGHT dance through the trees after us.  

As we trundled up HIGHER it was as if each corner we turned was prettier and more beautiful than the one before.  

As we reached the highest point, we could see red deer on the HORIZON.  We sat and chatted and listened to the birds sing their SUNSET song as the sun began to set.  It was just what i needed to fix my little head and sort out the messy thoughts that had become a bit tangled.  
Sometimes when life is RUSHING by and things feel a little bit like they are leaving you behind, and you don't know where to go and which way to turn, it's good for the heart and soul to just stop and give yourself a MOMENT or two away from it all.  Thanks and big LOVE go out to Mum and dad for the sweetest and lovely weekend and for looking after me and being there when i need it most.  Even if i don't know when i need it! 


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