Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When it's Good

The title above just about sums up life of late around Tangle Towers.  I either have a day where i get up, hair is behaving; i put the right breakfast ingredients in the right places (NOTE TO SELF YOU WILL NEVER FIND PORRIDGE OATS IF YOU PUT THEM IN THE FRIDGE) and leave the house on time with no rain clouds as far as the eye can see and a happy little self.  Or i get up only to catch a slight glimpse in the mirror and realise i look like i have been sleeping upside down (QUITE POSSIBLY HANGING FROM THE CEILING) with hair crazily stood on end and a look which can only resemble half yeti and half fruit bat.  This turn of bad luck usually continues as i proceed to drop every single item possible to man and hit my head on every surface it could possibly come into contact with.  I'll also nearly always put something on inside out.  Oh and when i am just about to leave the house (LATE) it will start to rain the kind of rain that can only be described as an almighty monsoon.  There are no middle grounds lately my friends.  That you can be sure of.  Its a jolly good job i'm a 'glass half full and where's the next bottle?' sort of lady.  It's a shame i tend to fall asleep after one glass...
This was yesterday.  GREY, damp days are all fine and dandy once in a while, but anymore than three in a row and i start to feel the grumpy beans heading my way.  It has felt like most of this week has been GREY, DAMP and DISMAL.  Rain showers have been the most violent kind and were it not for good manners and common decency (AND THE ARCTIC WIND) it would have seemed very practical to wear a swimming costume and wellies all week.  Luckily when i can't get out and enjoy October outside, staying in and being autumnal, spicy and cosy isn't too much of a problem.  Breakfast-ing on gloomy days wrapped up in soft mint greens, lilacs and light jumpers over paisley pyjama bottoms is a little bit like heaven.  The breakfast choice of late? Toasted fig and hazelnut bread slathered with spiced ginger curd and a huge cup of Lady Grey or two.  A day so GREY calls for soft cotton paisley dresses layered up with tweed, clunky brown ankle boots, tights and a cosy cossack hat.  Nobody likes cold ears - least of all me.  I know i shall be living in my cossack hat once again this season.  
*   *   *  
I stomped into town, over cobbles and not through puddles and decided to buy myself the biggest gingerbread latte that there ever was and a magazine (ELLE incase you are curious) and settled myself comfortably for a good few hours.  I read the magazine cover to cover and people watched and it was great and good and just what i needed.

Luckily there are days to make you forgive the rain and wish OCTOBER could last always.  Days that make you almost forget Summer and treasure the pleasures a real Autumn day can bring more than any other.  
These are the days that October is made for.  The most CRAZY  beautiful 'can't quite believe what i am seeing' at 7:15 am on a Monday morning sun rises that you just wish you could pause and sit perched on the roof with a big blanket and a mug of TEA.  Afternoons spent on a damp but crisp cycle ride where the winds whips through everything you are wearing but makes the leaves dance before you in such a pretty way that you barely notice.   Re-fuelling in the best way possible - a second breakfast of scrambled eggs, grilled vine tomatoes and potato cakes with a generous handful of sharp, peppery watercress.  Desserts fit for only a Queen, of walnut whip, almonds and the darkest, most bitter chocolate you shall ever taste. Marvelling at new and shiny CHRISTMAS concoctions of SUGARPLUM Liqueur, RHUBARB Vodka and PLUM Gin and creating cocktails in your head on the spot.  And good, really very good sunsets that stop you in your tracks on a homeward chilly wander home.  

This is October 'When it's Good.'    


  1. rhubarb vodka?! om. nom. nom.

  2. A walnut whip....hmm. That could turn a bad day good for me! ;-)

  3. beautiful sunset... all those autumn colours make me smile x

  4. Now Sally, you know I am one of your biggest fans, I love your blog, and your rumblings but PLeaSE can you start doing a few sneak peeks of your outfits again?! I miss them :( xx

  5. You're right, when October is good, it's amazing. I love this weather and the beautiful colours both outside and in clothes!

  6. I LOVE that photo of the rooftops and the sunset! Stunning! X Jane



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