Monday, 14 October 2013

Two Days

TWO DAYS of different 'every things.'  Different feelings.  Different doings. And different eyes.
SATURDAY grumbly skies, heavy with rain ready for somewhere.  Sleeping until you wake up.  Pale LILAC blankets and pastries with a side order of cuddles.  Feeling BLUE and drawn to pastels of pale LILACS, PINKS and soft mint choc chip GREENS.  Only the softest fabrics suffice.  Freshly washed cottons are soft against the skin and perfect for curling up for a doze or two.  Honey and camomile tea and spearmint tea and just any kind of tea but especially lady grey with lots of milk.  And a walnut whip. Always a walnut whip.  
SUNDAY wanderings of the crunchiest kind.  Crisping and crunching in NAVY, RED and GREEN with tweed a plenty.  Hats, boots and scarves and layers and layers tucked under and into.  Hot cappuccinos to wander with, ginger biscuits for dipping.  Hand holding and head resting.  Twilight walks homeward and sunsets to fall in love with.

All in just TWO DAYS.


  1. Gorgeous. I love your pictures of our great border city :-) xx

  2. your posts are always so beautifully written, along with wonderful images.just what i needed this friday night x

  3. such a cute post, love all your pictures x
    The Frill Seeker

  4. love the rooftop pic so much! x



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