Wednesday, 20 November 2013


For over a million years (okay that is a slight exaggeration) i have been a little bit 'anti Pinterest'  Don't judge.  I think for someone like me who spends many an hour lay on her tummy on the rug, CUTTING and STICKING and WRITING quotes to form real life mood-boards, i felt a little like i was cheating on my creations by dallying in such sites. 
*    *    *  
One day i thought i would see what all the fuss was about and here we are.  I know i am a little more than fashionably late to the PIN PARTY so i hope i am forgiven but i thought i might start updating you on what's currently floating my online boat, with a little bit of stuff and nonsense to explain why.  You can find me on Pinterest HERE.  
I have no idea where my obsession with all of the above began or which pin started it all off, but lately i have been in LOVE with softer, vintage, ROSEY-POSEY palettes of muted lilacs, pale peaches and the sparkliest golds imaginable.  When not wrapped up in a million layers, and with hands that are mittened-to-the-max, at home i have been rocking the oldest softest blue skinnies, old and crumpled silk and cotton smocks and oversized cream and rose angora cardigans.  And messy post-top knot tresses a plenty. 
*     *     *
 I love the idea of smudged GOLD lined eyes, messy slept in hair and dotting little gold stars on your cheeks. I also recently had a bit of a LILAC dylon dye spree and gave a little bit of new life to some old white tees and cotton blouses and even decided to use some to sleep in.  These colour combinations are perfect company for cups of lavender earl grey, painting your nails with Barry M ROSE quartz glitter and listening to THIS.   Tomorrow i am planning on starring up my own pink cheeks for work and i am far too excited!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Pinterest, I was a little apprehensive at first too. I have made scrap books for years, I don't quite know what they are and they don't really follow a mood or style etc. I am just compelled to cut out and stick pictures, mainly fashion looks from mags that take my fancy. But since I joined Pinterest I am OBSESSED! I see it as an extension of my physical scrap books, Pinterest is where I store my online pics and my scrap book is where I store my printed pics. But oh Pinterest and its abilities to categorise and organise... makes me SO happy its untrue! x

  2. Um hello! Gold brogues! They are gorgeous! I can see what you mean about Pinterest, but am learning to love it as a good way to bookmark pictures I like xx

  3. That bottom mood board is gorgeous, I am loving gold at the moment! NEED those brogues... :)

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  4. Love the picture with purple hair! xx

  5. oooh, i'd quite like that 'gold dust woman' as a print in my room! x



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