Friday, 22 November 2013

Sky Diver

For someone like me who is a bit of a wimp when it comes to heights, it is a little ironic that i feel like i have spent most of this week (dangerously) 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' at various cloudless, cloudful and just down right stunning SKIES recently.  I would like to say i am not going to bore you with the pictorial evidence, but then i would be telling pork pies and if you stop by here often, you will be well accustomed to the sky action by now.

I am sat here with a tummy full of carrot and swede mash and all the goodness of cottage pie lovliness. You will be relieved to know i have managed to squeeze in a little CLEMENTINE though.  You know CHRISTMAS is on its way when the oranges are good and everywhere you turn.  Life is pretty sweet.  I have plans for a hot Lush Snow Fairy filled shower yet, and i am sure i shall need a biscuit to dunk in my tea before i rest my little head.  But let us not get carried away with Now as this week has been a delight too…
MORNINGS have been all the more manageable when they are as BRIGHT and beautiful as the ones we have had up here this week.  Waking up in the dark is a miserable existence, but watching the sunrise over frosty rooftops with a hot cup of Lady Grey; and CRANBERRY and raisin bread toasting away is a little bit special.  I get by. Wearing the softest pastel brushed cotton pyjamas right until the very last minute before leaving the house is also a talent i have become quite accustomed to recently.

Being out in fresh air when the skies are so flipping flopping BLUE you could forgiven for mistaking it as a summer's day.  Catching the most perfect LIGHT at just the right moment.  Golly gosh how i love to take pictures.  Looking up (again) and realising that the branches are baring and the wind is burning the back of your throat. WINTER is coming and she is going to be a stunner.

White skies, bare branches and BERRIES.  Frosty bike rides, bare hands and forgetting 
mittens…brrr! Being a russian hippie when layering goes too far - two pairs of tights, T-shirt, dress and jumper.  Oh and a little tweed blazer.  I should be pacing myself! What was i thinking?!

Playing with stars because, well why not? Perfectly PINK and AMBER sunsets to watch, sat on the floor with back against the radiator and the cosiest socks and oversized knit for good measure. It doesn't get much better than this.
*   *   *   
This weekend i am working both Saturday and Sunday so we shall mostly be having lazy nights all curled up under a big blanket with chocolate digestives and lots of tea.  Tomorrow night we are watching The Great Gatsby (MY CHOICE), which will certainly beat the endless episodes i have had to endure of Walking Dead this week.  I am also considering my first mulled wine of the year too.  If not at least a really fabulous hot chocolate made with melted Green and Blacks Maya Gold and a cheeky slug of whisky.  Either would suffice.

What's everybody else up to?


  1. oh my your fur hat is amazing!!! :) xx

  2. Lovely post, as always! And I like your sky photos :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Love your style of writing too, effortless to read and so fun and interesting x

  4. This is such a gorgeous post, I'm with you on that the blue skies you could mistake it for summer if it wasn't the cold air ripping at your lungs.

    Hmm maybe...



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