Saturday, 2 November 2013

Inside 'n Out

I write this post slightly under the influence of a deceptively large 'little' bottle of MERLOT and after a far too hot bath.  The sort that makes you go 'woo' as you stand and makes you question if the bath was too hot or infact the wine was too…wine-y.  So my sincerest apologies if this appears slightly more dis-jointed than usual.

I am finding it hard to be here of late. Time and work are swallowing me up and not spitting me out without a fight.  And daylight is waning.  Whilst i am greatly appreciative of that GOLDEN extra hour of sleep and for the mornings to be lighter once more; the days are just flying by and disappearing right before my peepers.  As i am currently on a long run of days at work before a few days off after next week, i feel as if my little self has hardly seen daylight, let alone had the skill or urge to not-so-perfectly frame a picture.  I feel as if all of a very sudden, i have been very much on the other side of the glass without a choice, (hello force ten gales and rain so wet i might as well have brought the soap and shampoo with me and saved an extra hour for zzz-ing) and so entertainment of the 'inside' kind has been on the agenda…

Doesn't she take your breath away? Or is it just me? I am sure the birds are used to my morning 'peeps' out of our attic window by now. In fact i have taken to wishing them a good morning and a good day.  I could just get lost in those SUNRISES: Lost and lost over and over again.  Beautiful doesn't do them justice, it really doesnt.  Watching the sun come up over the rooftops with an oversized wooly jumper over my pyjamas and a big huge mug of Lady Grey in my hands is the only way to make early mornings bearable when i would much rather have my head in quilt cover city, like the rest of the world.  Lately mornings have suddenly jumped to those of the wintery kind, as the first spots of CONDENSATION started to appear on our huge windows.  As if you need an excuse to click the heating on…
Sundays spent with the most SPECIAL person in the world.  Extra special time set aside to listen and talk and smile and eat breakfast together, whilst the rain and wind whistle and whizz by outside.  I will never take these special moments for granted.  
Although the Pashley always has my heart, she doesn't fair quite so well in this erratic weather we have been having.  In fact i would get home drier in a canoe.  Huge bouts of grateful-ness have gone out to the Mr and Henry Ford recently.  These two have got me home from work safe and dry and nothing beats singing loud and out of tune to the radio with the heat on full whilst the lights turn to GREEN.  You all of a sudden feel so grateful just to be warm and dry.  

Precious moments (and mere moments they were) of the clearest bluest skies followed by the heaviest,WETTEST and SUNNIEST rain ever imaginable and all at the same time.  Getting home in time and warming through with camomile tea with a little teaspoon of honey in.  
Feeling flush.  Despite the fact that i need (read: NEED) a practical 'waterproof-hood-zip' type of coat and a pair of new black boots, i some how manage to fall for these dancing shoes.  Aren't they a dream?! They are Fred Astaire and rolled up TARTAN trousers.  Or the cheekiest shortest brocade skirt and black opaques.  Or dark blue jeans and the Mr's oversized slouchy grey jumper.  But they are not practical.  Or a coat.  But they are closer to a pair of boots.  I still have the box.  And the receipt.  And also the urge to roll back the rug and tap dance….are they KEEP-ABLE?!
Meet LOLA the LADYBIRD.  She has been with us for over a week now and seems to like flitting about in the lamp, sitting next to us on the sofa and reading fashion publications just as much as me.  I am scared that if i pop her outside, it might be too cold.  Yes i did just say that.

BATHS have been my saviour of late.  Whilst i am all for appreciating the little and lovely things, i am not ashamed to say i took great pleasure in stocking up on various Lush seasonal treats recently and nothing compares to a SNOW FAIRY scented bath or shower when it is starting to get colder out there.  It is making me excited for the festive times ahead, despite the fact that i know my retail-head will go a little crazy as per usual.  

In other great and good news, we had our first pie, mashed potato-type tea recently and i couldn't move for hours after.  It was good.  I bought the most beautiful CHRISTMAS decoration recently, but you shall have to wait a little longer before i show you.  I have finally caved and downloaded LONDON GRAMMAR'S album.  I have fallen in LOVE.  Her voice.  I feel covered in goosebumps each time i listen to it. Needless to say I have listened to it forwards, backwards and even sideways.  No jokes.  I am actually listening to it now.  It is the first album to make me fill up in a long long time.  For me that is the sign of a very good album.  Or some kind of strange disorder…you decide.  


  1. Beautiful photos as always! I love your descriptive & dreamy writing style too! Totally get what you mean about the warm bath/wine combination!!

    Jenni x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  2. As ever sweetie, you have such fabulous photos, love them xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. keep the shoes! i love the shoes! where are the shoes from?

  4. Lovely post! And who needs a zip up practical coat when you have those shoes?!

    Hmm maybe...



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