Friday, 8 November 2013

Raindrops and Poses

On MONDAY morning whoever lives upstairs thought it was the right time to switch on WINTER.  I think i agree.  I awoke to thick fog, frosty rooftops and a particularly cold wooden floor.  I crept to the wardrobe for slippers and the hugest softest jumper to throw over my pyjamas and then stood and watched next doors cat try to negotiate a rather frosty topped fence, whilst the kettle boiled for my first Lady Grey of the day.  

The weather has certainly felt much colder on the days when Mr SUNSHINE neglects to show his handsome face and i am not ashamed to admit to taking a hot water bottle to bed for at least the last week.  The mittens are out and layers are the way forward with socks over tights in boots being a particular favourite.  And you know it's not even that cold.  I don't like to think about how i shall cope when it gets really icy out there…so at the moment i am okay with a bit now and then.
Temperatures of the ZERO kind and pretty condensation droplets on the windows calls for climbing back on the porridge bus.  A big blue bowl of porridge with mashed blackberries, nutmeg and a good drizzle of runny honey. 

GOLDEN afternoon by-the-river- bike riding when tweed, mittens a fairisle snood and crazy pink bobble hat are essential.  These colours melt my heart, these pictures do not do it justice whatsoever.

LOOKING up and spotting little signs that SANTA is on his merry way.  I barely feel ready, at all.  I know exactly how i am going to wrap presents this year (one of the very best parts of xmas in my opinion) but i have bought only one.  I am determined to get myself into gear this year and not leave it too late.  We shall see!

Frantic SHOWERS through SUNNY skies bringing the prettiest RAINBOW and a perfect excuse for a hot gingerbread latte and wander in the fresh air, all bundled up and cosy.

Evenings spent lay on my tummy cutting and sticking down AUTUMN with hints at WINTER and Christmas, with chai tea and chocolate ginger biscuits for company.  I am currently feeling inspired by TARTAN and plaid checks with traditional tweeds and William Morris florals, and just a nod to the nineties.  I keep getting winter and xmas look books through our little letter box and they are always filled with the sweetest pictures.  I feel like i have mentally gone bankrupt a million times over in the last week alone with new pieces from Cath Kidston, Joules and Boden all finding their way into my mood-boards.  Its a little bit like heaven. 

 If you would like to have a nosey at more things that float my little boat, you can find me on Pinterest HERE.  

What has everyone got planned for this weekend? I have managed to bag myself the next ten days off work and so our little somewhere has never been so clean and lovely.  Tonight is clean sheets and clean hair and then WALNUT toast for breakfast tomorrow.  How will i sleep?! Right this very second i have THIS song on loop and have done for at least the last hour. SO good and great and such a bum wiggler!


  1. Absolutely stunning photos again hun, I know I say that all the time but it is true x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. November always balances that nostalgia and cozyness given by a mix between October and December, somehow. It's not very cold here in Portugal though :/ A platinum blonde in tweed (yes, YOU!) makes the world a better place - so aesthetically pleasing! :) I love the raindrops and clouds pic btw^^

  3. There is some seriously beautiful autumnal photography going on here - loving the leaves! x

    Jammy and Jelly

  4. Gorgous pictures, love your blog


  5. Your photo's are amazing, I love all the colors. I also love your scarf.

  6. Your photos actually make me love where we live..




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