Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Yesterday was the 2nd of December.  Yesterday it was my birthday and i am now 29. I have made an executive decision that from January i am going to be a grown up.  This time next year i will be 30 and then it will no longer be acceptable to eat porridge for lunch in the last few days before you get paid because you have wasted money on something beautiful and printed.  This year i am going to learn the value of money and i am going to save it (another foreign experience). I want a house and a garden and a miniature daschund called Edward or Agnes. And i want to go to Paris and Bruges.   Maybe even both.
Here are 29 silly or quite interesting things that you might not know about me:

1 I don't like seafood.  I haven't even tried it.  I just look at it and i don't want to put it anywhere near my mouth.  

2  Im not a vegetarian but most people think that i am.  Apparently i just look like one.  

3 Until at least the age of ten i believed that my dad had been to the moon with Kylie.  

4  Im scared of being sick.  Not just scared even, i am quite literally petrified.  Quite honestly i would rather be shot.  Harsh but true.

5  I don't like mayonnaise. In fact i hate it.  It's in everything in the whole wide world and i just can't stand it.  

6  I know most of the words to pretty much every rap song from the Nineties-ish.  And i don't sound half bad rapping 'em either.  

7  I rarely get proper hiccups or burp.  Instead i almost always hiccup two or three times after eating.  I think its usually because i eat too fast, talk too much and rarely sit still long enough for food or drink to go down properly.  

8  I wrote my first book aged nine.  I still have it.  It was a little tale of two Victorian girls.  I even took time to illustrate it and bind it with sewing elastic.  Who knows why.  I call it my first book as i do like to think that one day i will write another.

9  My favourite chocolate are walnut whips.  Infact i have at least one a day.  I feel a bit funny if i don't have one and i always have a secret stash somewhere.  

10  I don't really like cream.  Unless it has alcohol in it so that it doesn't taste of cream. I just think covering something in cream takes the taste away.  I am not an alcoholic.

11  I used to present on local radio.

12  I am useless with makeup.  I can just about manage foundation, blusher and mascara but  anything else and you have lost me.  I think i just need to practise…

13  I used to have a hamster called Hamish.  He lived for almost four years.  That is good going for a tiny bundle of hamster let me tell you.

14  If i could look like anyone in the world it would be Kate Foley.  Not heard of her? Google her at your own peril.  She is heaven.

15  When i was small i hated hated hated vegetables.  Whenever we had them i would stir them up with everything else just to hide them.  Or artfully distribute them around my plate so that it looked like i had eaten some.  Ironically now i love them.  

16  My first ever perfume was Tommy Girl.  
17  My natural hair colour is actually really rather dark.  Well a very dark blonde.  However i have very fair eyebrows and black eyelashes.  So if i dye my hair dark it actually looks more unnatural than it does now.  Seems i was destined to be a bit of a mix up from day one.  

18  I am a complete chocoholic.  I can take or leave crisps, chips and most other savoury related junk food.  Chocolate is definitely my thing.  Little and often is my munching motto.  I always have some squirrelled away in the house and in my bag.  

19  I have a very short attention span.  I am finding this hard!  So i am also a nightmare when it comes to finding a film that captures my attention for more than ten minutes.  

20  I couldn't do a forward roll until i was at least ten.  I just didnt know what would happen when i tipped forward and i wasnt prepared to risk it.  Despite watching a class of at least thirty over and over again, i wasn't convinced.  When i eventually did it i realised i was right and that cartwheels were much better.  

21  I am addicted to toast.  Sweet or savoury, anytime of day.  In fact i would eat it for every meal if i could.  I love finding new and interesting bread and new topping ideas.  Yes i am that sad. 

22   Im useless at telling people how i feel.  As in really awfully useless at it.  When i was small i used to write my mum letters or poems instead.  Now i just have to wait until i have had too many glasses or merlot (JOKE).  

23  I used to love coffee. Up until a few years ago when i had a bit too much and it sent me all funny.  Now i have to drink de-caff, just incase.  It scared me.  I make up for it with Lady Grey and hot chocolate though.

24  I love singing.  If i could get paid to sing it would be my idea of heaven.  If i am sad, or angry or just not feeling right, singing just fixes me.  I especially love to sing anything soulful and loud.  Maybe one i shall let you listen…

25  I don't really have a nickname.  Most people call me Sal.  My brother and sister call me Saz.  And for some unknown reason my Dad calls me Razzle Dazzle and i call him Squiff.  I can't even remember when that started or where it came from.  Thanks Dad.  

26  I am the worlds worst procrastinator.  Mostly everything in the whole wide world gets left right until the very last minute imaginable.  Except breakfast.  That's made as soon as i can open my eyes.

27  I can't write in lower case.  Well i mean i can but i don't.  I am also not sure when that started either as i always had to write essays for school and i coped.  Now i create a strange curly capital-joined-up sort of writing which people can rarely read but always comment on how beautiful it is.  

28  My karaoke song is En Vogue's 'Don't Let Go'.  I kill it.  Whether or not i sound any good is debatable but its karaoke right?!

29  My middle name is 'Anne'.  Well actually as my mother likes to remind me, my full name is Sally-Anne.  I prefer Sally becuase i think that Sally-Anne sounds a bit like a hill billy or a ragdoll.  Sorry mum!

So there you are.  This was HARD.  A lot harder than i thought.  Maybe now you might feel like you know me and my craziness a little bit better.  Feel free to leave me a little fact about yourself in the comments.  I would love to read them!  


  1. Tommy Girl was one of my first perfumes too - I think Next's Just Pink was the very first one! This was lovely to read. I almost sent you a text about half an hour ago telling you I'm listening to London Grammar's album again, but then realised that that's impossible so have come here to tell you instead! Ha! I hope you had a very happy birthday. I really enjoyed reading these facts!
    PS. I think I could match, if not beat, your procrastination levels. I'm procrastinating right now actually!

  2. welcome to the club, Sal!! x

  3. I also love toast it is my comfort food and I am a choc-o-holic x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Happy Birthday Sally Tangle :) I love this post! Lots of things similar to me too...I also hate cream, I just don't think it tastes of anything???

    Hope you had a lovely day, were spoiled and have been given even more choccies to eat! xx

  5. I was the same with vegetables, or toss them to the dog. Now I love them all and could happily just eat a whole plate of them. I quite like the nickname Razzle Dazzle too!

  6. The coffee thing happened to me, i even took myself to a&e. LAME. as for walnut whips, have you tried the mint ones from m&s? They are a taste sensation! X



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