Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Twinkle...

LATELY has been about first little twinkles of Christmas mixed in with a healthy helping of birthday celebrations and an unhealthy volume of hot chocolate consumption.  I have been enjoying a little four-day shaped rest from work for my birthday.  Tomorrow i am back in the land of  'WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MITTENS TO GO WITH THE SNOOD?'  'CAN I WRAP THOSE UP FOR YOU?' and 'DO YOU NEED A GIFT RECEIPT?'  A long, steamy Lush Snow Fairy shower, clean sheets and lots of cuddles are the order of the evening please.  
*    *    
Despite really having to DRAG myself out from under the prettiest duvet and far too many pillows in the dark like the rest of the world; once i am up, there is nothing nicer than starting breakfast as the sun just starts to peep its little head over the rooftops.  I love to sit in complete SILENCE and just watch all of the lights in the distance flip on and the chimneys start to smoke whilst the rest of the city wakes up.  Usually by the time i have eaten i can switch off the lamp and enjoy my Lady Grey under the blanket and warm my cheeks in the sunshine.  This is usually when i have to throw all manner of things in different directions and try and make myself look respectable for work.  These past few days i have particularly relished another cup of tea and an extra slice of CRANBERRY and raisin toast before my morning cycle. 
 Layering up is the best thing.  Vests tucked into JEANS and slouchy big jumpers over the top and soft breton tees worn underneath an EMBELLISHED silk dress and wearing a man's shirt tucked into jeans and a little bow tie just for fun.  
The MAGICAL golden hour.  It is a little sad to see the sun set when you feel as if it has barely been awake any hours, but this is my very favourite time to wander and watch our pretty city twinkle.  I love shopping at this time.  Even if my little arms feel like they might just drop off with all the bags and bundles of treats i am carrying; it's worth it just to grab a big hot chocolate and park your bottom on a little bench and just watch all the bustle and breathe in the smell of Christmas.
New treats and old sparkles.  The sweet little jacket was a little treat to me from Monsoon Towers.  I own an almost identical multi-colured one from a good five years ago and i have worn it so so so very much.  When this arrived i was already lining up the outfits.  My favourite combination of late is my faded patterned paisley print skinny jeans, a soft white t-shirt and my black fur cossack hat and this very very old accessorise embellished velvet bag slung over my shoulder.  I feel like a little WINTER HIPPIE!
Recent evenings have been spent creating a beautiful CHRISTMAS inspired mood board and going through our little box of decorations (AND SNEAKING IN THIS LITTLE FOXY FACE). I am hoping we shall get our little tree tomorrow evening and i can show you all our pretty little decorations.  I cannot wait to much my breakfast with just the Christmas tree lights on and the sunrise for company.  Is there anything more perfect?!

Have you got your CHRISTMAS tree up yet? Are you feeling FESTIVE?


  1. Sally how do you make your life sound so lovely? I never have time to enjoy a hot drink pre-work, let alone sit and just look out the window! Also, I LOVE shopping at this time year, but it's usually a mad dash, and invent new toast combos? I wish!
    Also, I bet you buy the best christmas presents ever, and finally I love that jacket...can I steal it off you too please?

    And actual final comment, p.s. I saw the back of you in town today! :) xx

  2. I absolutely love reading your blog Sally, when I read your posts I actually feel like I'm there ha! I definitely need to take more time out to snap a few pics like you do xx

  3. Lovely photos. That foxy face just melted my heart a little...!

  4. I love the beautiful skies I've been seeing recently, it still feels a bit early for Christmas stuff to me but I've got my gospel choir's big Christmas gig on Saturday so I think I'll be feeling a lot more festive after that.

  5. I want to live in your whimsy.

  6. This post is lovely :) and so are your photos. I feel like I've been transported to a magical land! x

  7. These pictures are so cosy-looking!

  8. lovely post & great pics again !!

  9. such a lovely post! i'm new to your blog and will certainly be following from now on :) it's so sweet!



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