Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Currently 2...

CURRENTLY loving to layer.  To pile on the prints, pops and TEXTURES as much as i can manage.  It needs to get colder!  I love the idea of a folk-y winter PRINCESS and mixing up faux fur tippets, cossack hats and the softest, hugest chunky knit all held together with a love-worn brown leather belt and a tasselled satchel slung over the shoulder.   

Even though i like to think i am experimental with what i wear and always open for trying something new, this sort of look is my fall back.  A CLASSIC thrown together look that looks so effortless and looks all the better worn with slept in hair and a little bit of attitude.  This girl doesn't care what anyone else thinks and this kind of get up is all about breaking the rules because there aren't any!  

What LOOKS are inspiring you at the moment?  You can have a sneaky peak at what else is inspiring me on PINTEREST HERE.


  1. I love layering too, need to crack out my favourite cardigans :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. You've hit the nail on the head Sally! :) It's all about layering right now and I love it! Went on a day trip to Birmingham yesterday and I was honestly so layered up I could barely move my arms! :S

    I believe that layering should consist of woolly layers and some contrast textures like you said! You also can't go wrong with a bit of faux fur! x x




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