Friday, 31 January 2014

Currently 5

I feel myself so often looking forward to the lighter, longer days and feeling like i want to run from the grey and the damp days that seem to be lasting forever.  I love the colours above, they are almost a mix of light and dark; grey and yellow or day and night.  I love the idea of wearing such dark colours with flashes of yellow and pink.  They feel like colour combinations that shouldn't work but looking at this little collection from images from my PINTEREST fills me with such inspiration.  Almost as if the light and bright is getting under my skin, seeping in ever so slowly - even if the weather is digging its heels in!
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I cannot wait for shorter sleeves and to layer up bracelets like there is no tomorrow!! I am much more of a bracelet girl than a necklace one.  Bracelets draped and hung daintily along the wrists that tell a little story about where we have come from and where we are going.  Do you have a type of jewellery that you gravitate towards?  
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The quote just about sums up how i feel a lot lately:  Like there are not enough hours in the day, not enough minutes in those hours and almost as if the days and weeks whizz by at break-neck speed.  Somewhere in amongst them i am careering forward, sidewards; sometimes backwards, upside down and inside out, all in an effort to make the most of every moment possible.  Often i am bruised, always there are hiccups and each day another list is wrote.  But what about the bigger list? Life can be exhausting sometimes.  This year i want to try my very hardest to slow down and just accept that i can only do what i can do and that the world wont end if the day ends and my list in incomplete.  Do you ever feel like this?
All images not mine but taken from my Pinterest HERE


  1. Oh I love this quote. It's so true. I always find it really unfair how the day drags when you're at work, but weekends and evenings go way too fast! :'( but hey, that's life I guess x x

  2. Story of my life these days Miss Sally!! I need a time-turner or Bernard's Watch xxx



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