Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

 The photo above was taken on my phone on Sunday.  I think it might be favourite photo in ever such a long time.  I love how YELLOW the yellow looks against the GREY, grizzly and grumbly sodden sky.  I cannot wait for verges, fields and gardens to be filled with these dizzy dancing cheerer-uppers! It is quite the little injection of happiness our little window sill (AND I) needed.  I can see our little HYACINTH growing daily - stretching taller and taller and i am excited for another burst of bloom-y colour in another corner of our little somewhere.  Other random things that have filled me with a feeling that all is good and great so far this week are…

*  Finding that i still had a pretty CLOVE and CINNAMON candle squirrelled away at work to buy.  I know i am very 'pro spring' lately but a love an excuse to light a scented candle and these little Monsoon Christmas candles all sold out and were a gem.  They filled our little attic with such a soft, warm dn amber-y scent that i cannot wait to curl up on the sofa with my book later and light the little devil.

*  An extra half an hour's SLEEP.  My evenings get swallowed up and disappear faster than the speed of light.  By the time tea is made, i have stuck my head under the shower and tickled and tidied around it is bedtime.  I often feel guilty that i haven't spent my time more interestingly.  So i am often lured into watching something on television for an extra half an hour, losing an hour on Pinterest or faffing and fannying around with fabric or magazine cut-outs.  I wake up feeling like my eyes wont open and usually trip and fall into every thing imaginable!  This week i have been making an EXTRA effort to go to bed at a reasonable time and read with a little cup of camomile tea.  I have felt SO much better.  All fizzy and smiley and with bags more energy.  I am definitely going to try and keep it up!

*  Being behind the times and FINALLY listening to John Newman's album.  On loop.  Always.  It has become quite the obsession of mine!  I have heard so so many people rave on about it for what feels like forever.  This usually makes me not want to listen to something.  It's just like when somebody tells me over and over again that i 'have to watch this' or i 'have to read that' - it makes me less likely to watch it.  People find it irritating.  I would irritate me if i was (?!) i think.  Anyway, his album, it is phenomenal.  That is all.  I shall not rave and rant 'cos then, well i would just be a hypocrite a bit wouldn't i?

*  Marks and Spencer's granola bars.  I kid myself that they are fruity and oat-y and must be PACKED full of all kinds of goodness. They are probably rather sugary and aren't doing me all the fantastic-ness that i imagine but MAN they are pretty damn perfect with a cup of tea after lunch or as a mid-morning kind of hunger fixer.  

*  Being on good terms with The MOP.  We have come to an agreement. It will never be perfectly straight, it will never be perfectly curly.  We are taking it a day at a time and meeting somewhere in the middle.  I have discovered that if i leave it to dry on a night and curl a handful of random sections around my head, i achieve a sort of slept in flick-y wave.  It's not quite Alexa Chung but i am learning to embrace it all the same.  

Huge and whopping thank you's for your WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY comments last week.  I loved reading what was floating your boat and making you all smile!

What have you lovely lot been loving this week?

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  1. I love that photo as much as you do! I know what you mean about just wasting time in the evening. it all seems crucial at the time, but when you're in bed you realise you've just pottered around or watched tv for the evening it is a tad depressing! x



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