Sunday, 26 January 2014

Curled Up

There is no escaping the fact that today was the GREYEST day there ever was.  Waking up at 9am to an alarm i don't remember setting and rubbing my eyes to welcome a morning i don't remember agreeing too.  Days are hazy GREY, damp and the sky seems endlessly filled with rain filled clouds.  They burst without warning, drenching anything and everything with icy winter showers.  

I feel glad to have filled our little home with some signs of SPRING, since the other side of the window is failing me miserably.  I have taken to giving our little green HYACINTH and blousey DAFFODILS a little sniff in the morning whilst i am waiting for the kettle to boil.  I find the green smell a little comforting.  

Despite having plans for a long drive to the Lake District today and the promise of treating my peepers to a delightful fix of greenery (EVEN IF IT WAS FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF A CAR WINDOW) it was so very hard to un-ravel, to stand up straight and to peel myself out from under a stripy spotty and floral cotton duvet-land that felt warm, safe and a world away from outsides' blustery, angry self.  

Today was a day for LAYERS if ever there was one.  A simple white long cotton tee, inky BLUE soft slim jeans and an angora cable knit slouchy enough to fit me-and-a-half inside. I feel as if i wear nothing else lately! I wished i had a coat with a hood or a hat that would fasten under my chin.  I distracted myself from these thoughts with an overly sparkly necklace and the hugest woollen TARTAN scarf that you can ever imagine.  I knew its cosy, blanket properties would be welcome once we set off on our escapade.  I also clutched an emergency blue cardigan.  Because well you just never know when you might need another layer do you?

Today i stayed warm and dry.  I enjoyed our little drive, all CURLED up and listening to Radio Two all the way there.  I talked at the Mr.  He pretended to listen but he was wearing his 'i am concentrating on the road face' so i raced RAINDROPS on the windows and thought about things that weren't important enough to say out loud.  I thought about the weather tomorrow and if it will still be grey and if there is anymore water left in the sky.  I mentally selected what i shall wear tomorrow after realising i really enjoyed being more organised on Saturday morning and deciding that it will probably rain tomorrow.  I worried a little bit about making some mood-boards to inspire the lovely ladies at work incase they all turn out a bit silly.  Then i decided what i shall have for breakfast tomorrow and that i am definitely going to start reading Narnia again soon.  

We met family, filled our tummy's with the HEARTIEST pies, hot pots and roast dinners and came all the way back again.  This time we listened to Black Holes and Revelations by Muse and i didn't think too much about anything.  I just pretended to play the drums, sung like i knew the words and wished i had decided to become a drummer in a band.  
*     *     *  
Tonight i am going to make a start on sticking down SPRING. I have already collected some beautiful stripey pictures, brighter bits and pieces and beautiful quotes which i am looking forward to burying my self in for a few hours.  

Have a lovely Sunday evening dear readers and thank you right from the bottom of my little HEART for all your kind comments on my last few posts.  If i could have you all round for tea and walnut whips then i would!


  1. You and your layers and your tartan make me happy :)

  2. Fabulous way to while away a Sunday, that's what they're made for - random thoughts and pretty scenery and families and heartiness.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Lovely post! The photos are beeeeeautiful also. Wish I could take photos like that!
    N xo



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