Friday, 24 January 2014

Currently 4...

I remember my first school photo very clearly.  Actually thats a little bit of a pork pie as actually i REMEMBER my mother's reaction more accurately.  Aside from the fact i had spilt custard down my grey tweed pinafore and so sported a big wet blotch right in the middle; i also had one pigtail pointing up, the other pointing down.  I think that just about sums up my attitude to hair, even then.  She wasn't impressed.  I have endless memories or crying in the morning when i was little as my mother scraped my hair into neat plaits, twists and ponytails and secured them with co-ordinating ribbon.  

There is something that bothers me a little bit about hair that is too perfect, too coiffed and too smooth, straight or shiny.  I love hair with character.  I admire its flicks and its waves and how it always curls the opposite way that you want it to.  I wish my hair would mis-behave.  Try as i might, my hair never has that natural character.  It sits straight and shiny and enjoys a perfect blow-dry and behaves itself beyond belief.  It is a hairdresser's dream.  This has always FRUSTRATED me.  Maybe it is my haphazard approach to most other things in life:  general clumsiness, a lover of all things mixed and matched and my complete lack of spacial awareness that leads me to envy those whose hair has natural 'i'll do what the flipping heck i want' attitude.  

Whilst you spend time blowdrying, smoothing, scrunching or straightening your lovely locks, rest assured that i will be trying my hardest to create some kind of personality and texture whilst trying to look like i haven't tried one bit.  Whilst you are ghd-ing your bob within an inch of its life at 7am each day, i shall be trying to go as long as i can between washes (dry shampoo = lifesaver), spending as much time as i can in the morning with my head upside down (not ideal when you must also squeeze in breakfast at some-point) and constantly searching for that DREAM hair product that makes me look like i have just got out of bed and rolled into my clothes without having even tried. Can you tell? Does it show? 

If you find it or can relate to this crazy behaviour, i would LOVE to know!  Is it just me?!
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  1. I'm exactly the same! I live for bed head hair. Some mornings I wonder if it's too messy to go to work with, straighten it, then end up hating it because it's too polished / neat! Oh my life.... Can really relate to this post! x x

  2. I'm just the opposite! When I was in school super-straight hair was "in", and I would spend hours trying to straighten mine, only to have it poof out about 30 minutes later (it also did that thing where one side flips in and the other flips out--gah!). But, I like my mess of curls much better now. :)

  3. I have bed hair a lot of the time, mainly because I dye it red and I hate sticking loads of products upon it just for the products to make it fade it even faster. Plus working from home, the cats don't judge my hair too much!

  4. Most of the time my hair is just left to do its own thing... mostly because I have far too much of it to be bothered about spending hours styling it. Its funny how once upon a time, the trend used to be all about perfectly straight hair with not a strand out of place but now having messy, unpredictable hair is actually desirable (so for once my messy locks are doing me a favour!)
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  5. We always want what we don't have, don't we? :) I have the tangliest (is that a word?!) hair and wish it would just sit straight ;) I love that first picture and the image you paint of your first school picture -- too sweet! I think your hair is lovely :) also embracing messy hair is a very good slogan for life. Too short to spend it brushing hair, I think! xo

  6. Messy, tangly, stubborn hair all the way, each and every single day :)



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