Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 2

Another week, another list of reasons to smile.  So far this week has been a lovely one for me.  I am used to working weekends due to the nature of my job, but this weekend just gone i worked saturday and sunday.  I did miss my lazy lie in and pastry munching with the Mr, but working the full weekend meant i had monday and tuesday off which was splendid!! A few other things that have been floating my little boat..

*  Discovering a new interior show.  I LOVE interior programmes.  I am a dedicated Relocation Relocation-er, i adored Kirstie's Vintage Home and i am forever watching re-runs of Grand Designs.  I am not much of a television watcher really but if it has interiors in it, i am there.  This week i watched The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2 at 8pm.  Essentially it is a programme that pitches four different interior designers against each other in a bid to design the best room.  I was transfixed!

*  Buying far too many bunches of DAFFODILS because they are now only a pound in M&S. I also bought a pretty little purple hyacinth plant to live on the side table in our living room.  I cannot wait for them both to flower.  Even though it is terribly cold outside, having some green in the house is cheering me up no end.  

*  SHOWERS in the middle of the day.  After an icy afternoon drizzly bike ride on Willow.  Somehow having a shower in the middle of the afternoon feels like the most luxurious thing.  I had an empty home, London Grammar up loud and enjoyed using my favourite shower oil, a lovely leave in conditioner and padding about in an oversized white cotton tee and my printed cotton robe for over an hour afterwards.  Pure bliss.  

*  Giving up my search for a Winter coat.  I suppose since we are now closer to Spring than we are Winter it makes sense. It wasn't meant to be! I have decided just to treat myself to a little pale blue tweed blazer from BODEN.  Have a nosey HERE.  What do you think?  I wear my brown tweed blazer from Monsoon so very much and so i know i shall get the wear out of another jacket in this style.  And as for a Winter coat, well the search is scheduled for October…

*  Keeping my word.  Well that is if you ignore the previous point.  I am striving to be much more CONSCIOUS of my money this year and not to fritter it here and there on a whim or little flight of fancy as i so usually do!  So far i have done really well with this challenge.  It bodes well that i have started it in January which is re known for being about three months long rolled into one.  Starting the year a little penniless has done me the world of good.  Apart from the new Spring bits i shall have to buy for the launch of SS14 at work, i am going to try and squirrel away what i can to save for much more precious times ahead.  

*  Bread.  I can't do it i just can't.  I do so LOVE my bread with every inch of my heart.  i am a healthy bean and i do always buy fresh whole grain, whole meal or rye bread.  I have been trying to leave it out of my diet as i have been feeling very un-energetic, but HEAVENS!  I.  Can't.  Do.  It.  My mother always said there is no such word as 'Can't.'  There is and i can't.  On Tuesday i had scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado on toasted soda bread.  There are no words to how HAPPY that made me.  Maybe i actually just need more sleep. I think i shall try that.  

What has been making you happy this week? I would love to know, however big or small it is!


  1. I must start watching this show! I love me some home shows! also that blazer is lush, and I too am a bread fiend; it's the only thing that'll do sometimes... x

  2. Totally get the interior show obsession; last year my friend got me addicted to the Home and Garden Network. My favorite is Rehab Addict, about a woman who restores old houses.
    I would have such a hard time giving up bread! Although I have celiacs in my family, so I'd better watch out.

  3. Daffs are such awesome, cheery little things, I bought my first ones this week too. I've been mightily cheered up by blue skies and it being light when I get out of work, Spring's-a-coming.
    M x Life Outside London

  4. I do love your blog, it makes me smile!

    I'm with you on the bread. I switched to brown rather than white, because it's more healthier for you. I've always loved the idea of interiors. I do follow blogs on such things and try to make my house look like it's just stepped out of a make over but it never seems to work out like that. Instead I think about my future house where it's all lavish and I'll go all grand designs!

    This week I've been very happy because I have secured two really important guest positions, arranged to meet with a lady who wants me to join her inbound marketing team, began making lovely smoothies and I've switched from main stream chocolate to a RAW version. I'm having a marvelous month!

  5. Lovely post! I also love indulging in a shower and bread. I love cakes too, but try to keep a healthy lifestyle. By the way, I feel like baking a cake right now :))

    Jasmine xx For a Real Woman



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