Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Green Shoots

GREEN and YELLOW are two colours that i rarely wear.  But they are easily my happiest colours to look at.  Whilst you cannot deny that the world looks a whole lot better cast under the warm glow of sunlight, seeing little shoots of green emerge from swampy brown and sludgy verges is the happiest little sight.  Cumbria, like i expect the rest of the UK, has been experiencing spells of persistent grey, dismal and down right gloomy weather, peppered with heavy downpours, disastrous gales sent to chill you to the bone and a distinct lack of sunshine.  I hate to admit that for someone who loves to dilly and dally and meander her way through life; even i have been keeping my head down - mitten covered hands pushed deep into my little tweed pockets and my face nestled as deep down into my tartan scarf as far as it will go.  When i could bear to, i have been trying to make much more of an effort to look up.  I have been missing it: The smallest green shoots, the littlest moments of light breaking through and the first signs that January wont last forever, i promise. 
 Mornings are slowly getting a little lighter day by day, and the evenings too.  I have been back to normal more sociable hours at work and enjoying being tucked up under a soft BLANKET, hearing the heating tap, tap, tap as it warms the bones of our little attic - and taking time to make porridge from scratch.  A little drizzle of HONEY, and a dash of ground and sliced almonds is my favourite lately.  It feels a little like a pudding for breakfast, and that can never be a bad thing!

Treasuring the LIGHT when it is there.  I feel like a little winter mole of late.  Life has been so dark and GREY and i have spent so much time curled up in a ball that looking up at the sky when the sun does peep out, hurts my little peepers and makes me squint.  There is nothing that compares to feeling a little SUN on your cheeks and there is nothing more magical than the beautiful light when it takes you by surprise.


 Despite the cold temperatures and temperamental weather in my corner of the world, i have been relishing those days when the rain has let up. January is such a long month and i almost feel that i am getting restless for Spring and for being able to be outside more.  I feel as if i am not designed for too much time spent inside, as lovely as it is!  I don't think you can beat the feeling of fresh AIR in your little lungs and so as and when i can i have been scooting here and there on the Pashley.  Layering up in the brightest of BLUES, TURQUOISES and LIME greens paired with the prettiest polka-dotted pinafores and extra cosy tartan scarves.  It feels like you can see the tiniest sprinkling of spring:  GREEN shoots are starting to poke through the damp soil and green moss is slowly starting to cover tree trunks.  

Bringing GREEN inside in an effort to will Spring along outside.  I have treated our little somewhere to a little purple hyacinth plant and two bunches of daffodils.  This is my favourite time of year as i love to have fresh flowers in the house but somehow it seems wrong in winter.  In winter fresh blooms are usually replaced with clove and cinnamon scented candles and twinkly tealights.  Once supermarkets start to fill up with bulbs, terracotta pots and bunches of british tulips, daffodils and pretty potted hyacinth plants, i can't help myself. 
 Standard and most favourite inside kind of get up.  I like to save my pyjamas for after a long frothy bath and damp hair, but i do have a little rotation of inside outfits i like to wear that are comfy, cosy and perfect for curling up in.  This is my current favourite:  old worn, printed INDIGO skinny jeans, an oversized white cotton tee and my angora MUSTARD cable jumper.  The necklace is my favourite to wear anytime and with everything!  i love the idea of such a glitzy statement piece with such a dressed down and slouchy get up.  
*  *  *  
Tonight we are making a FRITATA as big as our heads and then i shall be curling up and doing some reading.  And i am going to try my very hardest to go to sleep a little earlier as i do feel much better for it.  
How is everyone's week so far?  


  1. Adore all these photos :)



  2. No green in my part of the world yet, but I'm still itching for spring, especially now that it's no longer dark when I leave work in the evening. (The first time I walked out of my office and saw the sun, I thought I had accidentally left an hour early.)

  3. I do love your pictures!!!
    I live in a very green place (Shropshire) but it's been so cold, I don't go out too much! Reading this and seeing those new shoots, makes me want to get out also.

    Love a good jumper and your bike is so 'vintage' - great! :-)

  4. Everything is still covered here by snow so no hope of seeing any bulbs yet!



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