Thursday, 13 February 2014

Currently 6

I am CURRENTLY trying to make the very most of being inside.  These long, GREY and dreary days make it hard to even contemplate when Spring will rear its pretty little head.  I feel like i am in desperate need of it too.  I have been lighting soft, scented candles and burning incense OILS.  I have been enjoying layering up floral pyjama bottoms with linen knits in PASTEL fabrics and rose-ey pink over sized cardigans for extra measure.  I have been making the most of the seasonal blooms in M&S and filling our window sills with glass jars of daffodils and purple hyacinths.  Grey skies heavy with rain have also been an excuse for late and lazy long afternoon soaks in the bath and forgotten xmas chocolate truffles and bare legs and rose scented body butter.  

I am excited for Spring time sunday walks and for all the green and BLOOMS that are to come. Thinking about it fills me with such joy.  

How have you been making the days seem less GREY?!
(All images taken from my Pinterest HERE)

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