Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 4

Well oh well this week so far has been a TRYING one.  Probably largely for those unfortunate people around me!  I have been in the most awful grizzly grump and feeling all shades of BLUE over the past few days.  Why? For no reason whatsoever, which is almost a squillion times worse.  If you know the root of the problem, you are 50% closer to fixing it.  If you don't, well then you just huff and puff and ride it out.  I am feeling much less grumpy today however, and i haven't lost all of the ability to see and spot the good little gems going on around and about me lately either…

*  Successfully making The Most Delicious cauliflower pilaf recently with the Mr.  I adore curry, and my favourite is anything with lamb.  This little gem was a real hearty, filling yet light dish and didn't sit on your tummy and make you feel like you couldn't move for two hours after.  It was made from cauliflower, chickpeas, onions, garlic, roasted curry powder and basmati rice.  We served it with warm peshwari naan bread and flung some toasted almonds and a good dollop of natural yoghurt on top.  And lots of torn up coriander.  It was BEYOND delicious.  

*  New inside sorts of smells.  I adore my scented candles, as you probably know; but as we live in just a little attic, i am also pretty fond of my incense burners.  They are a great way of ensuring our little somewhere smells pretty and fresh when it is far too cold for open windows.  I have used Sainbury's Fresh LINEN oil for as long as i can remember, but recently i haven't been able to get hold of it which i was a little bit devastated about!  I have replaced it (hopefully temporarily) with M&S Coconut oil.  It is just the right amount of coconut, without being too overpowering and it is sort of making me think of holidays…

*  Appreciating how KIND people can be.  I recently had a complete stranger help me fix my bike chain on a little visit to our local park on a wet and blustery day.  I was having a miserable time and he took time out of his day to help me, for no reason whatsoever.  I also had a lady hold two doors open for me on Monday as i was carrying (probably far too much) stock across to work.  She wasn't even going the same way as me but made the effort to help me to my destination.  These sound small but both have really warmed my little heart lately.  In this day and age we (and me ALOT) are quick to judge how rude and 'heads down' people can be.  This proves that good manners have not vanished all together!

*  Really loving HBO's 'Girls'.  It has been SO long since i have really loved a programme that isn't Relocation Relocation, Grand Designs or Made In Chelsea.  This may give you a shameful peep into my 'sophisticated' viewing material! 'Girls' is funny, relatable, true to life and not your usual glossy, 'over-whitened' super-skinny American sort of show.  It's well worth a watch.  Catch it on Sky Atlantic at 10pm every Monday. 

*  CYCLING.  I know i know this is nothing brand spanking new and i do tend to harp on about that bike of mine far too much.  But when you are having the kind of week that i have been having, i am grateful for having those two wheels:  For being able to ride and ride until my heart is beating so fast and my little legs are aching.  It is the best medicine for grizzly bears like me and i always feel so much better afterwards.  

*  Bourjois 'Java Rice' powder.  If you haven't ever heard of this product then you have never LIVED.  I am no beauty blogger.  In fact if i could be any further away from being a beauty blogger (no offence) then i would be.  By that i mean that i am just useless when it comes to make-up.  I am a blusher, mascara and go sort of girl.  Not because i want to be.  I have tried, believe me.  But i look like a clown mostly.  When you wear so much colour, and print and other general paraphernalia , you have got to tone down something!  This little powder is a DREAM.  You basically dust it a little across your nose, and on the apples of your cheeks after a dust of blush.  It just gives the sweetest little soft, focus glow and makes you look like you have had an extra two hours sleep.  And i am ALL for a product which can do that!! 

What has been rocking your WORLD lately? Do share i would love to know!!!!

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