Sunday, 9 February 2014

Green Bean

I should like to tell you it has all been go go GO round these here parts, but actually it has been rather quiet.  Whilst at the time i moan about this fact, at Christmas i complain that life is too hectic, too rushed and too…MANIC.  I like to think i am just adjusting to a slower pace:  starting to move a little slower, enjoy a much simpler existence and to clean.  That's right clean.  There is something to be said for Spring and the feelings it brings.  Whilst we are only experiencing little peeps of the green that is to come, its all inside me already, i can feel it.  I am eating as much as i can that is green:  Clean, green and simple.  Infact between you and I, i am not ashamed to admit to having scrambled eggs three times between Wednesday and now, which is Sunday.  My favourite variation is most certainly wilted buttery spinach, ribbons of smoked wild salmon, a little asparagus - all piled prettily on a golden toasted crumpet.  'Cos thats what Spring is about for me:  starting to get back to basics at work and at play.  Winter is full of hearty, rich and festive feasts.  Spring is a time for porridge and fruit, green salads peppered with grains and all that is good, and for just slowing down.
Days have been largely GREY, like i'm sure it has been for the rest of you.  I have stopped hoping for sun - for the time being (it'll come i promise you) and sating my appetite for Spring by spotting the first little green shoots, peeps of snowdrops and GREEN green mossy-spots creeping up tree trunks. All from the saddle of the pushbike naturally.
Afternoons off work are meant for re-fuelling, more egg-based treats and for living in this cable wonder.  I am worried its arms might fall off i have worn it so much.  I would sleep in it if i could.  

Working on a little PROJECT.  Cutting and sticking for WORK.  That sentence is what dreams are made of - if you are me.  Unfortunately it is not serious work and more a little selection of inspirational boards that i am working on to use alongside training sessions at work for our new SS14 bays and wardrobes.  What do you think?
Feeling PROUD.  My column for our local magazine was 'Editor's Pick' this month.  You have no idea how much this fills me with happiness.  I have dreamt for YEARS that one day my writing might be published.  Getting this opportunity and then realising that people like to read my work is heart-warming beyond belief!
Evenings spent with the loveliest bunch of girls that there ever was.  I was lucky enough to meet some local bloggers last May..ish i think.  We instantly hit it off and have met up a fair few times now.  Each time i spend time with them i want to spend more time with them.  They are the most genuine, most INSPIRING and great little group of gals you could ever wish to meet.  It makes me ever so thankful that i started this little space and that you all stop by and leave such wonderful comments.  It is the best feeling so thank you kindly!
*     *     *
This weekend i have been flying SOLO whilst the Mr visits family in Manchester.  So i have been largely working, reading in bed with too many candles and copious little cups of camomile tea.  And there might have been biscuits.  Not in bed though.  Heavens no.  Crumbs in between the sheets is un-accpetable!

How are you ALL?


  1. AW, thank you for the kind words about us Cumbria Bloggers, we def have to try and meet up again soon then! x

  2. Ahhh, I love reading your blog Sally. It always makes me feel inspired and calm at the same time. Congratulations on the column! Such a great achievement which you should definitely be proud of. The end of this post has prompted me to seek out some local bloggers and arrange a meet up. I have been blogging for six months now and although met some brilliant people online like you, Flora and Lula, to name a few I would love to have a group of people nearby I can meet up with!
    N xo

  3. Ahhh lovely to see you too, MUST do it again sooooon!




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