Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 3

Here i am again firing my little pearls of POSITIVITY at your pretty faces! It feels like only a few days ago that i was last here, i do wish Time would spare a thought for those of us who would like to get a bit more accomplished and stop whizzing and whirring on forward leaving me clinging on for dear life!  Life has been good and sometimes great and rather productive of late.  I am enjoying seeing Spring lines trickle through at work, and the little injection of colour that i have been longing for too.  Spring is always full with the brightest, punchiest primary colours and i need it.  I am excited for a new month, a new start and for edging closer to warmer temperatures and LIGHTER evenings.  What little things have been particularly spectacular though…now let's see…

*  Making mood boards for work.  My DREAM is to somehow do that for a living.  Well, ideally and if we are talking 'head in the clouds' or ideal careers; i would love it if someone would pay me to make mood boards, to take beautiful pictures and to write.  But this week i have been finishing up a few mood boards to INSPIRE our lovely team in Monsoon Towers.  They are designed to inspire, motivate and excite there lovely faces about our beautiful new bays and wardrobes.  I am rather proud of them as you know how much i love my cutting and sticking! I dare say there'll be a few photos floating around when they are done so i shall be sure to share them.

*  Real porridge.  Taking the time to stand over a hob with a big pan and a wooden spoon and stir away while the sun rises is quite the therapeutic start to the day and well worth the extra fifteen minute get up.  It fills me right up and lasts until lunch and is quite possibly my FAVOURITE breakfast lately.  My current favourite toppings are chopped banana, roughly chopped almonds and a little drizzle of runny honey.  On these blustery, wet mornings there is nothing better.

*  Feeling PROUD.  Having a customer at work come up to me and tell me that she is really enjoying reading my monthly column in our local magazine, Carlisle Living.  I have never had any sort of writing published until recently and have always thought nobody would like to read my nonsense.  This little space and my beautiful little column is slowly building up my confidence.  It was a pretty nice feeling!

*  Camomile and honey tea.  I am a bit of a water guzzler.  I can really tell if i don't drink enough and really feel my energy levels slipping. I find it rather hard to drink cold water when it is so very cold and horrid outside so i try to make much more of an effort to alternate my extra special Lady Grey tea with a few herbal infusions.  I am currently a little bit in LOVE with Twinings Camomile and Honey tea. In my floral Cath Kidston mug. It is a big warm hug of sweet, flowery, honey loveliness.  

John Newman's 'LOSING SLEEP'.  I have ranted and raved about his album enough probably.  This song is just my favourite song at the moment!! I have had it on loop for the last three days solid.  I actually had to stop myself from singing out loud in the queue in M&S the other day.  It is just the most uplifting, catchy and brilliant track i have listened to in a long time.  

What has been making you SMILE through the doom and gloom and grey, miserable weather?  I would love to know!


  1. Thee really is nothing like homemade porridge on a cold morning! And well done on the customer saying she likes your column, that's amazing! xxx

  2. I quite like Chamomile and honey tea as well, I was expecting to hate it x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I tried a pommegranite white tea over the weekend, it were yuhhhhm!

  4. Fantastic list of loveliness, porridge with banana, almond and honey sounds amazing! I love mine with a handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Mmmm. Off to seek out some John Newman...
    M x Life Outside London



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