Friday, 21 February 2014

Littlest Bits

HAPPY HAPPY friday to one and all! I cannot remember the last time i had a weekend off, its a rare thing when you work in retail let me tell you! Over the years i have sort of got used to it though.  I tend to find that i am far more productive on mid-week days off and if i do happen upon a weekend off, that i will mostly eat and sleep!  Not that i have a problem with that either! 
*    *    *   
Due to being off since Wednesday, action around these parts has been of the much slower variety.  I scheduled the time off for no special reason, and so it is pretty blissful to just meander about, cycle here and there and generally eat and curl up often.  I had hoped when i booked the time off that it would be nice, since we are meant to be heading Spring-wards and all that jazz.  HOW wrong.  The weather around these pretty parts goes like this:  RAIN SUN RAIN SUN SUN RAIN RAIN RAIN.  No jokes.

Mornings have been a little later and a little lovelier.  I hate the thought of prising my peepers open, and worse still, sliding out from the duvet and feeling cold wooden floor against my bare feet.  Once i am up, layered in floral pyjamas with old white T-shirts and woollen knits and have the kettle bubbling away and the smell of anything toasted filling our little space; i am pretty HAPPY.  Even though i know it will be freezing outside, having big rays of sunshine burst through our huge windows and dance along the shelf above the sink make washing up toast crumbs and pottering about for as long as is humanly possible in pyjamas, just a bout bearable.

My travels on TWO wheels have seen me rejoicing at those pretty white blooms.  First come snowflakes, then crocuses, then daffodils THEN  real Spring.  Are you listening Weather?  If you could start to warm up a little then i would be most grateful.  
 I feel like i am wearing the very same handful of clothes lately.  I keep rummaging through various cupboards, wardrobes and nooks each MORNING - pulling out pretty patterned paraphernalia and then remembering it is STILL cold.  The above (MOSTLY) black and white ensemble cheered me up. Accidental ornithological co-ordination at its very best!  

Afternoons after many two-wheeled laps and an extra hot cappuccino, have been spent pottering and padding around our little home.  I really struggle to drink water when i am cold and its horrid and so fruit teas have been the order most days.  Twining's 'Winter Fruit' 'Camomile and Honey' and 'Spiced Apple and Camomile' are my currents favourites.  I have been longing for comfort foods too.  And i am blaming that one categorically on the WEATHER.  I have been filling up on scrambled eggs on toasted rye bread with lots of dry-cured smoked ham and rocket.  Or baked beans piled high on a bed of warm toast and buttery spinach.  All are naturally followed by a mug as big as my head of Lady Grey.  Talking of tea, i have had this little lip balm squirrelled away since Christmas time.  I sort of forgot it was there.  It was a gift from my darling sister and is DIVINE.  Just the ticket for lips in need of a generous slather of TLC.

Such GREY afternoons have called for oversized breton tees and old skinny jeans.  I cannot wait to stock up on my STRIPES next month.  What is it about a simple breton tee that makes you feel all sorts of pulled together?  Even if you hair looks hedge-worthy and the rest of what you are wearing has been better days?  I feel like i could wear a breton tee with my pyjamas outside and i would feel dressed respectably.  I might not try that one until it warms up a bit though.

This week has also seen me do some catching up on my reading list.  Do visit these beautiful and inspirational ladies.  Each are special and unique in there blogs, writing and style and well worth adding to youR reading list if you haven't got them firmly bookmarked already.

Rachael's blog 'Made up of little things' and in particular THIS post for reducing me to a teary wreck and giving me hope that one day i will make a good mum. 

Caroline's blog 'All about the girl' and in particular THIS post because, well i am all for a breton tee and this girl is as beautiful in real life as she is on her blog.

Beeta's blog 'Fill my little world' and especially THIS post for just being a magical piece of writing to curl up and get completely lost and swept away in.  

And finally Rosie's blog  'Cider with Rosie' and in particular THIS post for just being so beautifully written and with such breath-takingly magical-moment-catcher photos. 

Have a MAGICAL weekend lovely faces!



  1. Beautiful photos! I love your platinum hairstyle, always associate with the 1960s Wahrol's it girls and Debbie Harry! I usually drink 2 mugs of tea per day, have you tried Lipton's Strawberry Cupcake green tea and blueberry muffin black tea? So delicious! I also love Vanilla Caramel and Honey, and apple with cinammon^^

  2. Know the feeling about having time off and the weather just being rainrainrain... typical! That's how my week's been, although today was nice, until I got into town. Then it rained. A lot. And clever old me had a denim jacket on. ROLL ON SPRING!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  3. Early Grey lip balm?? That sounds amazing!!

  4. I'm totally with you on the living in the same clothes thing! Where's spring??




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