Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday and Some

It's OK. you can come out from under wherever you have been HIDING.  The monster of grumpiness which had mostly invaded my little self for the most part of last week has subsided.  Phew.  I was beginning to wonder if that little THUNDER cloud would ever pass.  Do you ever get like that?  I am convinced that i just needed some vitamin D - some sunshine and today we were spoilt with rays of sun and blue skies as far as the eye could see.  I checked the forecast for the week ahead in my delirious sun-burnt (slight exaggeration) state, only to find it is mostly going to be wet and grey and cold again! It's amazing what just a day of sun can do for the soul, i have felt so much more filled with beans and so much more energised and generally inspired because of it.  If you discount my little momentary few days grizzly grump this past week has been rather lovely…
Basking in those RAYS.  This was actually from last Tuesday.  It was a scarily hard and fast rain showers; high powered gusts and bursts of sunbeams sort of day.  It was freezing outside but our little attic is somewhat of a sun-trap and so i curled up on the windowsill and read my book, pretending it was all kinds of warm.  I kept my little feet rested on the radiator at the same time though!
I am still WADING my way through the sea of Lush bath bombs, bubble bars and goodies i received for my birthday and over Christmas.  I could be here for some time.  During my blue fog of a grumbly mood on Wednesday evening, i took myself off for a bath with the brightest bath bomb i could dig out.  I can't remember what it was called but OH MY it turned the hot waters all kinds and colours of the rainbow before collapsing into a blue cloud of powder-ey honey and citrus scent. Lying for an hour in a bubble bath of bright blue does wonders for the soul i can tell you.
My UNIFORM. Well of the inside variety anyhow.  I think i am wearing head to toe Monsoon and Accessorize here, but old old season.  I really have been struggling to keep warm as our attic is the draughtiest little space when it is blustery.  The beams shake and rattle and it felt like we would wake up somewhere completely different on several occasions last week!  I am not really a 'get in and put your pyjamas on' kind of gal, but i do have my inside go-to's and this pale pink fringed jumper, and oversized cream bobbly woollen creation are ticking all of my keep warm and cosy boxes lately.  And that necklace, isn't she the dream? I would wear it with my pyjamas if i could.  It makes me feel all kinds of GLAMOROUS!

Can you tell which day was my FAVOURITE?! The rest of the photos are from today.  Ah even just looking at that blue sky makes me want to cartwheel head-first into SPRING.  We slept late, ate warm raisin pastries and then i took myself off into that sun for a good few hours on the push-bike.  I wandered, sat by the cathedral with a take-out coffee as big as my head and just let the sun seep into my being.  MORE please!!
*   *   *
This week is set to be a busy one but i am actually only working Monday and Tuesday and then i have a week off! I am plan-less and just intend to spend it out and about in the fresh air.  I would like to squeeze in some baking, possibly some banana bread or some granola bars.  I am also looking forward at being able to spend time cooking tea, lazing about and devouring some books.  I have also got some exciting ideas in the pipeline too, which i might need all of your help with! We finally got around to watching Richard Curtis' last film 'ABOUT TIME' last night and i fell head over heels with it and so i might watch that again alone with some tea and biscuits.  Most of all i am just looking forward to slowing down and to sleeping later.  If you could keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine that would be nice too!

How were your WEEKENDS? and what are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Oh, Sally. Your words have the ability to bring me to another world! The sunshine has been making me feel all sushine-y and cheerful, too. I'm loving how I can almost taste spring. I really love your beautiful bicycle, and devouring a good book (or ten) is the dreamiest thing imaginable.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Jess xx

  2. You, your photos and your words are scrumdidliumptious xxxxxx <3

  3. I am wishing you more sunshine, miss crangle!! It's doing me some good too - getting out for a walk in the sun and the wind really cleared the cobwebs for me. :) I feel like I'm ready to face the week now. Roll on spring, please oh pleaseeee!
    Lots of love to you :)


  4. OMG I am the same, in desperate desperate need of sunshine. I pop vitamin D tablets every morning but it really isn't the same as feeling sunshine on your face. I swear when it comes out I feel so much better. My boyfriend doesn't really get why I drag him out on walks every time it appears!

    I loved About Time, although it did make me cry!

    Hope you have a lovely week and that the sun comes out for you again x

  5. I also got that LUSH bath bomb over Christmas - can't wait to try it! Your photo's look fabulous :)

    Helen x

  6. That Pashley looks just perfect for springtime! I also have the week off and have big plans for tea, fresh air, and some lie-ins.

  7. Ahhh I LOVE the necklace, so pretty! Me and the boy actually had a wander round Bitts Park on Sunday, I did have my eyes peeled in case I saw you peddling around on your wee Pashley :)

    Hopefully see you soon?

    Caroline xx



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