Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 5

Happy MID-WEEK to all your lovely faces, i do hope i find you well.  Do you know what? I am really enjoying having a regular sort of post i FIRE at you to brighten you mid-week.  Last weeks wasn't so popular, so i can only assume everyone must have had such a truly positive week that they didn't feel the need to borrow my positives from this little spot.  I sort of hope so!  Whilst you are reading this i shall be basking in the fact that from today, i have a whooollllle week off work from the beautiful MONSOON TOWERS.  I do hope the rain spares a thought for me and those two wheels of mine and eases off a bit.  If not there a plenty of other reasons to smile even if it feels like the weekend is a squillion light years away...

* First little crocuses peeping their purple, yellow and white little heads out on a randomly sunny day on sunday.  If you peeped at my last post you probably got CROCUSSED beyond belief.  Just you wait until there's blossom my friends, just you wait!  Seeing little bursts of colour is such a happy-maker, especially with all that grey, grizzly weather.  It sort of gives me hope!

* Sleep.  But not just sleep sleep, really good sleep.  It is honestly true that you don't appreciate the power of good sleep until a) you are a little older and b) until you have had a bad night or two's sleep.  The older i get the more i really enjoy sleeping.  I  had horrible night of bad dream-filled, tossing and turning type of sleep on Sunday night and felt HORRID all day Monday, HORRID!  Tuesday nights' sleep was like the king of sleeps, all deep and long and heavy.  I woke feeling like a different version of me and felt like i almost looked fresh-faced.  

*  Having my MOODBOARDS gratefully received.  If you follow me on Instagram (i am @sallytangle) or stop by this little spot often, you may have noticed i have been doing some cutting and sticking for work, just to inspire our lovely lot for our new season wardrobes.  Showing them to everyone was a little daunting (i tend to cut and stick just for me and have never let anyone else see them - well i guess apart from here).  I have had some REALLY lovely comments and i feel rather proud.

*  Avocados.  With everything, on everything, just every single day.  No word of a lie.  I sliced one on top of some fresh tomato-ey pasta last night and sprinkled a generous handful of rocket and a good shake of ground black pepper.  It was HEAVEN.  I have been loving avocados with scrambled eggs, served alongside lightly breaded cod fillet with a lemon-ey salad or simply just spread upon toasted rye bread.  

*  Purple sprouted broccoli.  Which is actually just a sprout dressed in a broccoli costume.  It is DIVINE.  I have yet to try it raw (yes i am actually excited for this too!) but we had it alongside dauphinoise potatoes and lentil-ey vegetable bake on Tuesday and OH MY.  

*  Listening to old albums on loop over and over and over so many times.  Current favourites these last few days have been 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not' by ARCTIC MONKEYS, 'The End Has A Start' by EDITORS and 'Hot Fuss' by THE KILLERS.  I adore the power music has.  Suddenly you are right back when and feeling all the feelings that went along with it like it was yesterday.  It's just magical.  

*  SINGING.  Golly gosh i LOVE to sing.  I don't think i am awful but i am also not amazing either.  To be honest ever since i have been a little dot i have always sung.  When i was a teenager, and a typical attitude filled little bean, i would shut myself away upstairs and belt out whatever i could get my hands on.  If you like to sing too, you'll know how cathartic it can be.  Aside from a cup of tea the size of my head, it is the ultimate FIXER.  

How do i find you all?  I have been so thankful and grateful for all the kind comments and kind words recently about this little space, it is the WARMEST feeling to know that people like to read my creative ramblings.  What had made your week bearable so far? I would love to know.  


  1. maybe I don't comment enough, but your wonderful Wednesdays are just the thing I need every hump day. THANK YOU <3

  2. I have been listening to old albums too, quite weird but wonderful feeling as they bounce into life on my iPod x

  3. Ahh I like that you are posting more regularly too! That is my mission for this year as well, and so far so good!

    I like sleep, lots of it, especially in the morning when I don't have to get woken at 7.30 by a stupid alarm clock! :) xx



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