Thursday, 29 May 2014

Catching Up

I was thinking just the other day, it's been a while since we just caught up.  You know, the sort of catch up you enjoy curled up in your favourite jeans/tee combo, or after the deepest most bubbly of baths or soapy showers.  It's been so long since we just did that, don;t you think?  And you know those kind of 'what have you been doodle-doing' 'hows life' or 'what have you been putting on your toasted anythings' are my favourite kinds of posts to read and write.  And since i can't fit you all in for Lady Grey and a walnut whip, this is as good as it gets.  
* * *
Life has been, well just that: wizzing and fizzing its way past my ears at such a speed that sometimes i feel all blown over by it.   I remember feeling like the weeks, days and hours lasted forever when i was little, now they pass me by and sometimes i can't even remember what i did on them.  Maybe it's an age thing!  Something that's a sensitive subject around these parts.  Thanks kindly for all of your super comments on the impending looming birthday that i have coming up in December.  I loved writing that little post and you know it just came out of nowhere.  

Lately i have been enjoying the seasonal shift in the weather and the new breakfast CRAVINGS it brings with it.  Says she as the rain hammers above my head on our little office skylight.  I have been really craving berries lately - it must be a seasonal thing.  As soon as they started to hit the shops at the very start of Spring i wanted them.  But i told myself i would wait until they were a little more in season and i could get my paws on the British variety.  It was worth the wait.  Whilst i miss my little morning routine of standing over the hob stirring a pan of porridge, i am not complaining at the extra ten minutes in bed. Spring into summer breakfast-ing has been all about toasted all-kinds-of-things piled high with berries.  Sneaking in a slathering of nutella when i have to work a Sunday.  Or just because.  I have fallen a little bit in love with blueberry jam on toasted spelt bread too.  I really would eat breakfast for each and every meal if i could you know.

I have been feeling ever so inspired by all things FLORAL.  It sort of comes with the territory come this time of year.  My morning bike-shaped jaunts have felt so so much more colourful lately, even if the sun hasn't always been shining! I have brought a little of this inside too by filling each and every jam jar, old milk bottle and an old ceramic jug with all kinds of flowers.  I almost skipped out of our M&S food-hall the other day when i realised they had sweet williams and peonies in stock.  Peonies are my most favourite flower in the whole wide world and as there season is so short, i am planning to buy a bunch each week until they are no more.  

 I have been appreciating every little scrap of SUNSHINE that we have had and making no excuses! I feel a squillion times better about everything even just looking at the sun and despite the fact that my fair skin frazzles like a crisp when it gets super duper hot, i have been making a concerted effort to make the most of each ray of sunshine lately.  Isn't there always that typically 'British' mind-set that it could be our 'Summer' and that tommorrow it might all be doom and gloom and cold and wet and so you just have to get out and soak it all up, every last drop?! Or is that just me?! Those often sunny days have meant many an after tea bike ride, and chasing the sun back home before it curls up beneath the clouds for another day.  It's the best feeling.

I have been using my time inside WISELY too.  Spring time showers are far best experienced tucked up inside our pretty loft with 'never too much' tea.  I tried my hand at tie-dye after being a little overly obsessed with all things deep blue and indigo on Pinterest (HERE).  I remember last trying the craft at…Brownies…?! I was surprised at how well it turned out and i am lining up my next tie-dye project as we speak.  

Aside from my usual two-wheeled shaped adventures and forever photographing the sky/clouds/sunsets/sunrises whenever i can, i also TREATED myself to a sweet little book i have been coveting for a long while:  'Pattern' by Orla Kiely.  I am so enjoying reading how Orla Kiely came about and where its heart lies.  Sneaking alongside my walnut whips have been cheeky handfuls of petal pink, rose chocolate covered roasted almonds - so delicious.  I have to stop myself from eating them each time i go into the kitchen.  
* * * 
In other news i have also::
*  Been LOVING watching darling Rosie's vlogs on her channel HERE . I have never really got into vlogs, being much more of a lover of words.  I also lose interest as there is only so much time i want to hear about what you have just bought or what 'lip' you have gone for today.  I am lucky if i remember to throw some carmex in my bag before i leave the house.  Rosie has managed to vlog in a lifestyle way and completelu translate the wonderful-ness of her blog straight to vlog.  I am hooked and i am even considering dipping my feet into the vlog world.  Thoughts? Do any of you want to see that?

*  ADMIRING Caroline's pretty pink hair in her latest post HERE .  I have been lucky enough to meet the lovely lady herself in person a few times now and she is just as lovely (if not lovelier!) as she is on her blog.  I love the subtle pink highlights and think she should keep it up all of the time! 

*  FALLING in love with Alex's post on Shibori tie-dying (no brainer really!) there is SO much blue-y goodness in this post that those images may all be jumping onto my pinterest very soon!  I love reading Alex's blog, her style is a world away from mine - so beautifully minimal with such thoughtful elegant details.   

I feel better now.  Just the way you do after a good old catch up with a jolly good friend.  If you made it this far thanks for hanging onto to each word - there were a few more than i thought there would be, but like it said, it's been a while.  

Hopefully we wont leave it quite as long until next time ;)


  1. I love your floral garland! The flowers on it look so realistic! Lovely photography as ever Sally x x

  2. I really love this style of post, appreciating all the recent happenings with some lovely photos. You've inspired me! x

  3. i appreciate you, Sally. i visit here everyday, because i like 'catching up' with you. your musings and dailies are my favourite part of my day. don't ever stop. x



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