Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 18

^Tie-dye blue-y loveliness!^

Whilst you are reading this, i shall be back at work after a DELIGHTFUL six whole days off.  Six days off which included a whistle stop trip to Scotland to visit the parents, an accidentally booked off bank holiday Monday, lots and lots of sleep, some sunshine and a spectacular volume of tea.  It was HEAVEN and i really do feel like i am completely rested.  I do wish i could be off for longer though… Well we are here again dear faces, a Wonderful Wednesday  to perk up your mid-week and make you think of what has been making you smile in your own little somewhere's.  What has been floating my boat?

*  Booking the bank holiday off accidentally when i booked some odd days off to use up my holiday allowance is one thing, but it sort of felt extra indulgent booking off the tuesday too.  I feel like i had a doubly LUXURIOUS ease into the week.  And there really isn't THAT much of it left now!

*  Not at work ROUTINES.  I think everyone has a 'work' routine.  I know i do. You can set your clock by me.  I have perfected everything down to the last minute so i can have as much sleep as is humanly possible but still make myself look presentable for Monsoon Towers.  Having a Wednesday to Wednesday off meant that i got into the loveliest 'time to me' sort of routine of waking up, alarm-less (around 8am) each day, a longer breakfast with a soft blanket wrapped around me and then a few laps of our pretty nearby park on the pushbike followed by a strong coffee sat on the wall by the cathedral.  Absolute heaven.  I could get used to it!

*  Sweet williams and peonies.  My very very FAVOURITE flowers to have in the house.  I think every available receptacle is housing flowers in our little somewhere lately.  It really cheers me up seeing blooms which ever way i turn though.  Especially on those days when the sun doesn't want to peep it's head from behind the clouds.  

*  RAW carrot.  Man alive doesn't carrot taste SO much better raw?! Lately i can't get enough. Don't get me wrong i love a carrot and swede mash, or a sweet honey roast baby carrot but lately its all been about the raw.  I have been loving making a raw carrot and chickpea salad with handfuls of torn coriander.  Or a mid-afternoon snack of chopped carrot and crunchy peanut butter.  Or lemon and coriander houmous with chopped icy cold carrot.  Delish

*  Wearing my newly TIE-DYED tshirt over and over and over again.  I recently tie-dyed an old white cotton tee a delightfully deep blue and i have been wearing it always.  It was so easy to do that i am wondering what i can tie-dye next!  I am thinking i might try some white cotton tea towels.  I am having a serious love affair with all shades of blue lately.  I have been pinning my socks of and even have a board dedicated to the colour BLUE HERE

*  Sleeping in my under CRACKERS.  Okay so not just my pants! I know what you are thinking, to much info? Bah! There is nothing better than sleeping in your sweetest printed underwear and a loose cotton smock cropped top or soft silky bra-let.  you cannot beat the feeling of cool cotton sheets against your skin when the temperatures get a little bit warmer.  

*  Seeing the Mr PLAY with band Mylittlebrother at a free music festival in our pretty little city centre:  Carlisle Music City.  I love watching him play, and i also loved watching a good couple of hours in the sun catching some other local music with an iced raspberry tea for company. 

*  Getting OUT on those two wheels of mine pretty much every day.  The longer lighter evenings mean that my days feel like they last so SO much longer.  This means i can sneak in a few laps of the park before dinner or first thing in the morning and i feel so so much better for it!

What has been making you smile LOVELY lot? Have you all had a lovely bank holiday? And what little things are going to keep you going until Friday?!?


  1. I love Sweet Williams and Peonies too! I currently have vases of both at home. Happy Wednesday! x

  2. You have simply excellent taste x

  3. Love this post... sorry probably too much info but sleeping in the buff rocks! ;-)



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