Sunday, 25 May 2014

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For someone that has never really noticed inky BLUE-y hues and all of the goodness they bring, lately i cannot get enough!  If you follow me on Pinterest HERE then you will no doubt have seen my 'Blue-ness' board and it has quickly become one of my very favourites.  I am not really sure where my love of BLUE began, but it is a colour I feel drawn to in my 'everything's'.  I had always considered BLUE to be a sad colour.  Lately i have been finding it soothing, calming and energising all at once:  Imagine the BLUEST of cloudless skies reflected in the clearest of lakes!  Just beautiful.
*  *  *
I also love the quotes above too:  James Dean's idea of treasuring each and every second as if it is your last and not letting the little moments pass you by.  That is something I am definitely mindful of now more than i ever used to be.  I also loved Lincoln's words about happiness.  They ring true in a world where happiness will always be a state of mind and not something that comes from the material things.  You can have everything in the world but you need to have your mind in the right 'gear' to be truly happy inside and out and i love that.
* * * 
I have been enjoying curling up in our white cotton and indigo spotted quilt on these warmer nights; eating blueberries in everything and pottering about our little attic in my deepest darkest softest skinny jeans with my new DIY tie-dye tshirt.

It gives a whole new meaning to the words 'feeling BLUE...'

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  1. I absolutely adore blue, it is such a calming colour. I love quotes too.



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