Thursday, 1 May 2014

Currently 15

All images taken from my Pinterest HERE
This post comes with bags and bags of wishin' I could be as COOL as the crazy cats in these images.  The closest i shall ever get is donning that fabulous fedora of mine, it all goes a bit pear-shaped with the rest of my get-ups.  This sort of look requires an effortless cool and charisma i find hard to replicate - but it doesn't stop me wishing that i could!  It's all about cleaner lines, basic classic pieces in basic greys, blacks and earthen tones pulled together, usually with one or two hero accessories: we're talkin' a red lip, a fedora, a fine piece of jewellery or a cigarette.  Now bearing in mind i tend to approach what i look like with the dizziest prints and brightest of colours, and that the thought of putting a cigarette anywhere near my lips makes me want to be sick, it's a look i have taken to channelling snippets of instead (read:: said fedora, sometimes lipstick). MINIMALISM just doesn't work on me.  I'm not cool enough!  That said my Pinterest boards are rife with gals that are…
* * *
This gal is the capital of COOL.  An effortless muse and the kind of girl all of the guys want to be with.  She oozes sex appeal in away that shouldn't really work:  all androgynous pieces, hi-necked tops, brogues without socks and a 'couldn't care less attitude.'  Think Kate Moss, but minus the drugs and with all of the helpings of rock and roll you can shake a stick at.  It's a little bit NYC, and a lot 'girlfriend of a man in an indie band.' Its a look i've got a lot of love for.  

Is this a 'look' you have ever tried?! Or one that you'd like to?! Or is it just ME?!


  1. I'm far too ruffled round the edges with essentially every outfit that I think I should give up all hope of ever re-creating a Pinterest outfit find successfully, but I'm going through a black hat phase currently :D

  2. OMG, right now, as I read this...I am wearing brogues without socks and a v-neck white t-shirt! I am practically there!! HAHA :)

    I WISH I could look that!

    Caroline xx



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