Friday, 2 May 2014

Only Pottering

POTTERING, isn't that just one of the best words?! It also pretty much sums up my week off.  Not un-productive and certainly not wasted but spent leisurely doing all of the 'nice to do' things and less of the 'need to do' ones.  What i have enjoyed most is moving at a much slower pace than normal - less of my break-neck speed, bruises on knees SHENANIGANS and more taking care of myself.  This has also largely included eating things that i don't normally make the time for, and getting out on those two-wheels of mine e-v-e-r-y  s-i-n-g-l-e day.  Apart from feeling well rested I also feel a little bit like my thighs now need a week off.  I thought i'd share some of my lovely week with you…
I have been largely LUCKY with the weather this week (sorry to go all Brit-cliche on you all) and what a difference getting out and about feels.  Whilst it hasn't felt warm enough to wear summer apparel, i have definitely enjoyed digging out my cotton blouses and wearing them with super-duper soft skinnies and an oversized knit or cardi.  It's odd but i do feel like jeans and floral blouses are pretty much my Spring wardrobe.  I can add a cardigan and different shoes, and it's probably the only time of year you'll really see me away from skirts and dresses.  Unless it chooses to really warm up!

It's also been beautiful to see all of the warmer weather flowers starting to bloom too.  Daffodils have curled up and blossom has fallen, paving the way for peonies, bluebells and daisies.  I still haven't got round to picking some wild flowers for our little home but i think that could be on tomorrows agenda, along with some wild garlic.
I feel as if i have LIVED in that floral crown of mine this week too, even when the sun hasn't peeped its pretty little head from behind the clouds! I feel funny not having anything on my head.  And  wearing anything knitted feels massively out of season now the temperatures are definitely more early Spring than late Winter.  So i have jumped straight into high summer/festival head-gear instead.  What even is acceptable Spring attire?!? PAH! Rules are meant to be broken anyway!
I have loved having the time to LIE on my tummy, eat carrot cake and finish off the devils above! What do you think? I think they are the colours and prints that are most inspiring me lately:  All inky blues, lemons and flashes of neon.  Is it wrong that i would give ANYTHING to have a head-dress like the one Keira's wearing?! That would solve my Spring head-gear dilemma for sure, no?

I have also been getting my DIY on and started to make a cushion cover.  It is still in the very early stages and i have only got so far as cutting and pinning but i hope to get it done by the end of the weekend.  I used an old French connection skirt that is far too big and far too pretty to go anywhere near a charity shop.  Sorry! I am hoping it will eventually sit pretty on our bed.  
And well it wouldn't be a full weekly update if i didn't share with you some of the beautiful sunsets that have been wowing me all of this week.  I could gaze at those skies for hours.  Sometimes i do too.  

In other less exciting or pictorially appealing news i have also been:

*  Getting even more into Masterchef now that we are down to the last eight.  I LOVE Masterchef.  Apart from the amazing food and inspiration i get from it, it's also quite fun to make fun of with the Mr. Everything is a something 'gravel' a what's-it 'ash' or comes served with a this-or-that 'puree' 'two-ways.'  It gives me endless giggles.

*  Setting my ALARM for 5:45am on Wednesday so that i wouldn't miss out on picking up a piece of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection.  If i am 100% honest nothing made my heart skip a beat, but i opted for the pyjama style blouse.  I am yet to receive it and see what all of the fuss is about.  And it might not be a keeper!   

*  REALSING that strawberries, black pepper and cottage cheese may go down as one of the world's very best combinations.  Right up there with peanut butter and banana, tea and biscuits and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon - to name the tiniest few.  Two words:  TRY IT.

*  That i can throw stuff away.  I am a terrible TERRIBLE hoarder where clothes are concerned at least.  But today saw a big clear out and two massive bin-bags ear-marked for the charity shop first thing in the morning before i can change my mind.

*  That the BEST way to start the day is with an old episode of Made in Chelsea (thanks E4), two cups of Lady Grey and hot buttered brown soda bread with strawberry jam. Don't judge.

How are you ALL? Have you had a lovely week?  I am wishing you all a super duper bank holiday.  I stupidly didn't even realise there was one and so i am back at work on Monday - silly billy! But tomorrow i shall be picking up my Topshop order, collecting some wildflowers and wild garlic and taking those two wheels along the river - weather pending!


  1. Such a lovely post! Your flower crown is beautiful, I'm hoping to pick one up this weekend (I sadly left mine back in Canada when I moved to London :( )
    Hope you have a great, sunny weekend! :)

  2. OMG I want that plate with the deers!



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