Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 15

Hullo LOVELY faces! How do i find you all on this 'Wednesday-but-sort-of-feels-like-a-Tuesday?!'  I feel all kinds of mixed up.  I was back to sweet little Monsoon Towers on Bank Holiday Monday, but working almost Sunday hours, which was confusing in itself!! So i feel almost like it was a bit of a none-day! That said, after a restful week off last week, it was lovely to get back to work and see everyone and marvel, 'ooh' and 'ahh' times a squillion at new prints and new and shiny gems that had snuck in whilst i was curled up resting and riding that minty green push-bike of mine!  What have i been GRINNING about this week then?

*  Feeling GRATEFUL that i have a job that i don't dread getting up for, one that i actually miss when i am not there and friends i work with who are the LOVELIEST bunch you could ever meet.  It's a feeling i can often take for granted and i need to remind myself more often how lucky i am!

*  Marks and Spencer's DARK CHOCOLATE COVERED ginger biscuits.  I fell in love with these little devils way back when the leaves were starting to turn golden for Autumn.  It felt all kinds of good dunking a ginger biscuit in a milky chai tea before bed when it was chilly outside and i wore a soft oversized cardigan over my pyjamas and a hot water bottle under my arms for extra warmth.  Even though they are not remotely 'right' for this time of year (if this even makes sense?!) man alive when i saw their little faces peering at me in the biscuit aisle the other day the love all just came flooding back, i just had to have a packet.  As i bent down to get them, so too did a sweet little 'at least 70 years old' man wearing the cutest little tweed jacket and flat cap.  He said 'after you m'am' to me too.  What a gent!  That man knows a good biscuit when he sees one!

*  Knowing that my new and shiny BLOG LAYOUT is DAYS AWAY from being complete!!!! I am so excited for you to see it that i could burst!!!! It is a world away from what i have already but i feel like it represents how i see myself now, in comparison with how i was when i started this little spot.  I feel like we have come a long way:  Me, you lovely readers and this little place.  I do hope you like it!

*  BLOSSOM.  On the ground.  Okay let's be honest, blossom anywhere! I jest.  Now Spring is drawing to an end, those beautiful blossom trees are starting to shed their pretty little petals.  Whilst it is a little sad because they are so darn beautiful to look at, seeing the grass and pavements strewn with a dusky pink confetti is the prettiest sight!

*  My new TSHIRT.  I am a fussy customer when it comes to tshirts.  They are important and something that i want to feel comfortable and know that i can wear and wear and wash and wash and it will only get better. I only have a  handful of these little gems.  That's a lie as there is a draw full BUT there is only a handful that make the grade.  I recently purchased a super soft red cotton tee form H&M which is the slouchiest most flattering you'll ever see.  It has a very faded white lettering on the front and the hem dips lower at the back and i love it.  I am considering going back to pick up the grey marl and navy blue too…

*  Ice cold organic milk poured over Dorset Cereal's SPELT MUESLI.  The.  Bomb.  That is all.  Just the ticket for Spring morning breakfasting and it keeps my tummy full up until lunchtime too.  

*  Lush DADDIO shampoo.  This stuff is heaven for your hair i swear. (and i rhyme also too apparently!)  It is the prettiest violet and rose scented shampoo you shall ever use and the scent lingers on your hair for days and days afterwards.  Plus it is paraben and sulphate free and so apart from it being better for you and the environment, it doesn't build up on your hair like some shampoos can.  

*  BIRDSONG.  So happy to listen to and so lovely to sit and wonder what they are saying to each other.  I woke up on Monday a whole hour before i needed to because of a cheeky little chirrup-er on our roof.  Instead of going back to sleep i lay and listened to his little song and it was so sweet!!! It was also a bonus that there was sunlight streaming through the window too.  

Well oh well how was your bank HOLIBOB?! What have been your hi-lights so far this week and have you ever tried Lush' Daddio shampoo?!?


  1. I often wonder what birds are squawking at one another and so early in the morning when they seem to be at their noisiest x

  2. So....I am going to have to head to M&S after reading this to buy the boy some of those biscuits, ginger and dark chocolate are two of his most favourite things in the world...and buying those is going to win me some excellent girlfriend points, especially cos I am not a ginger fan!

    I'm super excited about seeing your new blog, I love this one, and somethng tells me I am going to be jealous!

  3. Your getting a new blog layout? Wow thats so exciting I can't wait to see it :) I need to try that muesli and those biscuits now though! Thats the problem with really good blog posts they always make me hungry... xxx

  4. Looking forward to seeing your new design / layout! :) x x

  5. Oh I am like you - adoree Lush shampoo :)



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