Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 17

Happy mid-week to all of your lovely faces! I can honestly say that this week has been one of the loveliest most happiness-filled ones for quite some time - that's right all three days of it! I solely putting this down to at least the last seven days being warmer and largely sunny and bright.  It is amazing to my little self how much BETTER this makes everything.  Honestly.  There has been no other magic formula, just getting out in the sunshine and fresh air as much as possible and having the windows wide open when i can't.  I am keeping everything crossed that there are many more of these days to come.  But apart from Mr Sunshine, what else (in no particular order) has been keeping me grinning this week?

*  Ice cold cubes of fresh watermelon and pineapple and a huge tumbler of icy water with torn up mint leaves.  SO refreshing!

*  Heart to hearts with my mum.  Emptying it all out and feeling all the better for it.  Always wish that we lived closer! 

*  Bare legs.  Being able to wear cotton summer dresses and sandals to work all day and feeling the warmer air tickle around my ankles is the BEST feeling.  

*  Clean, cool cotton sheets, clean me (with slightly damp hair) and a little open window.  BEST sleep in the whole wide world.

*  Catching up with The Supervet on Channel 4.  If you haven't watched this and you adore animals as much as me then please pleeeeease look it up on 4OD.  Its a documentary about a veterinary surgery that give animals another chance that other surgeries might not have been able to.  They pioneer new surgical procedures and go to the ends of the earth for their patients.  I spent the first episode in tears.  I am the person that can't watch 'One Born Every Minute' (don't ask), but falls apart watching a programme about poorly pets.  Heck!

*  After work evening bike rides on amber golden evenings.  The best way to unwind, relax and feel so so much better instantly.  I wish everyone would try cycling, it is THE loveliest thing to do, at any time of year but this time of year is just heaven.  

*  Falafels.  I could eat them always but for some reason I only ever remember they exist in the warmer weather.  Wholemeal pittas stuffed with falafels, rocket, cucumber, torn mint and a dollop of natural yoghurt is the yummiest lunch.

*  First freckles. I grew up HATING my freckly cheeks and arms.  Now i love them.  Isn't it funny how much you dislike the smallest silliest things when you are younger? When you grow up they are all of things you become proud of and what make you, you?!

How has his week been treating you? Have you been lucky enough to get some lovely weather? And what has been making you smile?  


  1. I used to hate my freckles too, and hated my ginger hair even more .. now I love both!!!!!!! There's nothing more naturally Summery than a face full of beautiful freckles

    Chloe x

  2. Sounds lovely :) Im pleased your having a nice week. I know what you mean about the falafels though! They just seem to be summer food for some reason.... x

  3. Completely agree with summer sleeping habits and freckles - I love it when mine appear!



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