Monday, 19 May 2014


This last few days have marked a change around these parts.  Birdsong is louder.  Everywhere seems greener - if you could ever believe it.  Mornings are easier, lighter brighter and eating breakfast with windows wide open and a huge mug of Lady Grey is the best start to the day.  Evenings last forever and jobs get finished.  Sleeps are deep and slumber is drifted into by the help of an open window and a cool and gentle breeze.  It is most definitely SUMMER all of a sudden and these past few days have filled me with so many smiles over the difference all of that makes to everything and everyone around me.  So i thought i would compile a list:  A list of 'FIRSTS' to read back on and maybe something to inspire the start of each new season.  Peppered with some pretty photos of life around these parts too of course.  

First sleeps in only the softest cotton smock or silken vest and ruffled knickers, underneath cool cotton quilts.
First blueberries not in porridge but in jam on buttery sunflower seeded loaf or dotted in between buttery waffles dusted in icing sugar or.  Sometimes piled high atop spelt muesli and ice cold organic milk. 
First bare armed, no coat or cardigan wandering work-wards.
First flip flop wearing and feeling the fresh air tickle my ankles and a soft cotton dress blow in the breeze.

First early morning bike ride where the smell was undeniably 'Summer' and no longer Spring.
First early morning smell of damp cut grass in the park.  
First buzz of a bumblebee.

First summer dress wearing.
First Pimms, topped up high with spicy ginger beer and fresh fruit and cucumber.
First lamb koftas and falafels with houmous and far too much rocket and icy cold cucumber.
First after tea bare-legged bike ride and the scent of dinnertime barbecues on an evening breeze.
First sounds of grass cutting on an evening.
First midgies!

First cool shower.
First time falling asleep with hair still damp.
First time not closing the curtains until we go to bed - only leaving them open for as long as possible to see the golden skies slide behind the rooftops.
First candles on windowsills and windows open until later and later.

These are all of things that mark the start of my Summer, what are yours?


  1. Your firsts - your words alone - feel like sunshine on my face. What a beautiful, evocatively-written post, Sally dear. Love this little collection of thoughts and feelings.

  2. loving your necklace and pastel shirt combo... such a pretty little lady! <3

  3. This is beautiful your post has summed up my summer perfectly. I can not think of anything further to add, it is all that is needed. Thank you for such a beautiful post. xx



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