Thursday, 15 May 2014

This very moment

This was not what i had intended to write in this little space today.  But sometimes things change because for no reason whatsoever you just feel compelled towards something different and one of the things i love most about here is that i can write right from the very bottom of my little heart regardless of what is going on in the big wide world we all call home.
*  *  *
I first listened to this song on Jools Holland.  It's not by a band i usually love or hate or really have ever had much of an opinion on.  They have never really been on my radar.  But that's the magical thing about music, it doesn't matter what it is that you are listening to, whether it is your usual preference or if it just calls out to your heart at one particular moment.  Because it's not about how it got there, it's just special that it did, and that it made you feel something.

That's what music does, it touches you somewhere deep inside and somehow fits in perfectly with exactly how you are feeling in one tiny moment in the whole of your life. And whenever you hear the song again, you are all the way back there again.  That moment never ever gets lost, it just stays tangled up in words and music; kept perfectly for when you next need it.  Or there to surprise you when you least expect it.

Music has always always been a special part of my life.  Everyone has some kind of relationship with it whether they realise it or not.  Mine has always been an emotional one.  Music has been a part of my life from the very beginning.  I grew up in a household full to bursting with music lovers, music players, singers and performers.  So all of my greatest and hardest moments in life are intrinsically hooked together in a musical collection ranging from one end of the musical spectrum right the way back around to the other.  Some of the most special parts of my life are fastened tightly to songs, and for that reason alone i can take myself back there whenever i want. 

I know within a split second if a song i have never ever heard, fits.  Goosebumps creep along my arms and down the back of my neck and a lump appears in my throat.  For that four and a half or so minutes I let the song soak me up, and seep into each and every part of my little self.  And nothing else matters.  Whatever is happening around me, for those few precious moments it doesnt matter at all.  I am wholly and completely devoted to each and every word and hanging onto tightly to every last note. 

This song might not be everyone's choice.  But lately i could fall into it over and over again quite happily.  I cannot begin to count the amount of times that tears have fallen down my cheeks listening to this.  I don't know why it moves me so, but sometimes there isn't even a reason, it just does.  It feels like 'me' now.  And i'll forever listen to it to remember how i felt now, for always.  I love everything about it. And despite the fact that i have never ever seen Coldplay live, i want to hear this somewhere sometime soon.  Even if it has to be by myself.  I can't think of anything better in the whole wide world right this very second.


  1. Loved this post, know exactly what you mean about loving certain songs. The songs i am just playing over and over and over lately could not be more different, firstly this from TV show nashville, yep drama about country music, who knew I liked country? But this song is beautiful! I find myself loving so many from this show! Then this amazing collaboration from a couple of old dear faves, just wow wow wow, Brody's voice near the end, dam!

  2. I bloody love Coldplay. My boyfriend tells me they are a band that it's cool NOT to like, but I don't care. Chris Martin sings words I think and don't know. Thanks for sharing this, somehow I hadn't heard it!!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer



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