Monday, 2 June 2014

Currently 17

All images kindly borrowed from my Pinterest HERE
There are times when i am glad to be FAIR of skin. Glad that i don't tan, that freckles are a forte and that i can make my cheeks as pink as can be and it looks okay.  Because these are exactly the kinds of colours that make me feel altogether BETTER.  I find the most comfort in a soft pastel palette of dusky rose pinks, muted lilacs and soft nude creamy calicos.  Washed out pale pink cottons soothe my soul in a way a jazzed up cerise pink never ever could.  

This is the place i go to sleep, and for the best kind of sleep too:  The deepest, sweetest dream-filled zzz's of indulgence and DELIGHT.  I dream dreams of washed out pale pink prints, the softest silks and wildflower garlands and rows of pale pink peonies and roses as far as the eye can see.  

Where do these images take you?  If you like them you might rather like my 'All of the Calm' board HERE .  I think it could be my favourite collection of images yet you know...


  1. Such a lovely collection of photos! (It even says so right there!)

  2. adore the deer (and that i have a porcelain soul mate!) <3



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