Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Wonderful Wednesday 19

HELLO and how do you do my pretty little scalleywags?! I'm back once more to enlighten you with my positive takings on my week so far.  These posts come right out of nowhere each time i sit down to put…finger to keyboard?!  It's Monday and then wizz bang before i know it here we are and i hardly seemed to have blinked! Well here goes…

*  When the weather man gets it WRONG.  In a good way.  I try not to look at the forecast.  But sometimes i can't help a peek, especially when my day off is close by.  Recently the weather up here as been up and down and up and down.  The last few days have been unexpectedly delightful.  Bright blue skies, bursts of ballsy sunshine and showers which last only a second or two only to reveal a cloudless sky a second or two later.  Nothing like what was forecast but my kind of weather…

*  Chocolate.  I know KNOW i rave on about me and my walnut whips constantly.  Heaven if you cut me open thats all that would be inside!  But you know, sometimes you just need chocolate.  You need it.  Its the sort of want that nothing in the while world can sate.  Nothing but the luxury of a chocolate truffle (or three!) melting slowly in your mouth.  This week has been a week where i have been gobbling it up but really appreciating its greatness a little too often…

*  A 'through breeze.' I always remember hearing my mum say this when we were little and repeating having never really understand what she meant or why it was SO great.  Its been so warm and muggy most evenings here, even if the rain clouds above have been drenching us with a deliciously cool summer down pour here and there.  Sleeping with our attic window open just enough (but not enough to wake up to a seagull perched on the end of the bed - my ultimate fear!), the bedroom door and then the huge windows in our high-celinged livingroom cracked open, is BLISS.  A through and constant breeze of delightful cool over a prettily printed cotton duvet makes for the best kinds of zzz's.  

*  CHANCE.  My sister is currently sunning herself in Morocco.  Things having got on top of me i thought i wouldn't have time for a catch up before she went.  As i wandered through town late Sunday afternoon i ran into her completely by chance!  It made for the best unexpected coffee dat:, iced coffees under a big umbrella in the sun and good catch up before she swanned off into the land of sun and souks.  

*  Linen scented incense oil.  I know, what IS my life?! I swear this stuff is like gold dust.  Sainsbury's Fresh Linen incense oil.  It always seems to be out of stock and whenever i get my hands on the stuff its only two or three little bottles sat sadly on the shelf.  On a random diversion to Sainsbury's after a few laps of the park the other night i popped in and found the shelf FULL.  I bought eight. I know eight.  I think the lady who served me thought i was half a sandwich short of a picnic!  Honestly it fills our pretty little attic with the sweetest scent of sweet and freshly washed everythings:  ie - the best scent that ever there can be. It also clings to the clothes i store in our spare room and i feel as if i waft the smell wherever i go.  Sound a bit obsessed? Little bit…

*   Ice cold GOOD cottage cheese, chunks of ice cold cucumber and seeded spelt crackers.  By good cottage cheese i mean the full fat, so thick you can stand a spoon up in it, locally made and organic kind.  Heaven.  On.  A….cracker?! Standard weekday/workday lunch.  

*  Using old jam jars and chutney jars to fill with tea-lights and dot about our little somewhere just as the sun begins its descent behind the fluffy clouds.  The kind of twinkly light thats perfect with a big mug of camomile and honey tea and the latest issue of Simple Things magazine…

So what about your week?!  What has been making you smile ear to ear or feel on top of the world? I don't care if it's your favourite chocolate bar or if you have just won the Euro millions! I'd LOVE to know! And you know, if you have, think of me when your sailing your private yacht at Cannes next year wont you?!  


  1. fresh flowers and new pastel prints from a local crafty market, all nice little ways to decorate my new home <3

  2. This is such a lovely list :) your blog has really been helping lift my mood lately! Thank you so much for writing such wonderful words x

    Megan /

  3. I do so love your lists and I haven't heard anyone use the word 'Scallywag' in years, It's made my day! x

  4. I love your wonderful Wednesday posts! What's making me smile? The prospect of a holiday in a few week's time - I've been so run down lately so a break will be lovely! x x

  5. That's so great that you just ran into your sister!! And putting tealights in jamjars is just the loveliest thing, it makes the light so pretty.

    I love your way of writing, Sally- any post which has the words "scallywags" and "half a sandwich short of a picnic" is bound to put a smile on my face.

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer



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