Friday, 6 June 2014

All in

I have never been someone who PLANS to take a photo.  Even before this little space existed, i took photos, but i didn't plan them.  For me that ruins the magical-ness.  The thing i have always loved about photos is that they capture a split second, a magnificent moment in time that disappears as quick as a flash.  Taking a photo means you can keep that feeling forever and remember that special little second whenever the fancy takes you.  Of course if i know i am off for a potter somewhere beautiful, i take along a camera.  But i don't always use it.  If something jumps out at me as beautiful, i'll snap it.  But you wont catch me framing things perfectly, fanny-ing around with the composition too much or making it something its not.  If i try too hard it doesn't quite work the same.  

Lately i feel as if i have been capturing so so many LOVELY moments that i couldn't not share them.  But not really moments that have a co-hesive, sensible order to form a post separately.  So i thought i'd fire 'em all at you:  ALL IN!  With some explanation too of course.  It's been a busy bee of a week i can tell you!

Late last Sunday afternoon we took a wander to a pretty little place called Kirklinton Hall.  It is the PRETTIEST ruin of a very old stately home which they have cleaned out and use for opera showings, local theatre companies and folk evenings.  you can also just have a little meander through its grounds and the woodland surrounding it, which is exactly what we did. The sky wasn't as blue as it could have been, but we took sandwiches and ate them outside and we climbed through a windy, mossy woodland walk which was so very pretty.  It followed the sweetest little stream and eventually came out into a little sandy river bank.  

GOLDEN hour bicycle rides when i can grab them are fast becoming my favourite way to unwind lately.  I always feel much more of a morning person but sit me aboard those two wheels on a sunny evening and i could stay there forever, just warm enough in that golden glow and last flickers of summer sunlight.  

Skies to fall in LOVE with:  over and over and over again.  The top photo was taken on a lunch time wander through the historic quarter of our little city, en route to pay bills and sort other life-shaped laundry.  This more than made up for that.  Just look at those cotton-wool ball clouds.  I didn't want to go back to work.  I wanted to get an ice-cream and lie on the grass by the cathedral and people watch!  The second was taken on a whim as i was sticking my head out being nosey and closing our office skylight before i had a shower.  I adore the green and flowers and trees and suchlike but something special happens to my heart when i see the silhouette of sweet little victorian house rooftops against a magical sky like that.  That is a sunset of dreams right there my friend.  If i could, i would swing my legs over and sit there until it slid away forever.  
I'd like to say its my first PIMMS of the year…if truth be told as soon as the daffodils are out i am partial to a sneaky Pimms if i happen to be out and about with friends.  But its Summer when i really feel like i could drink it always.  It's funny.  I really am not much of a drinker, neither is the Mr.  And aside from a few little bottles of merlot by the fridge (reserved usually for spag bol), and our seasonal mulled wine or cider, we only really drink if we are out.  After the Mr's shocking admission that he had never had Pimms (i mean really!)  and my shock at having not known this, i decided it was high time i showed him the Pimm-sical way to happiness.  Pimms topped up with sharp and fire-y ginger beer, and chopped cucumber, strawberries and black cherries is the YUMMIEST of summer beverages.  The cucumber counter-acts the sweetness and the ginger against the Pimms is a little bit special.  I think he is sold ;)

Photographic loveliness from this morning's eleven'o clock two-wheeled adventure on a day off that was so so very needed!  I started the day with rhubarb yoghurt topped with toasted almonds and linseeds and then too many pieces of brown soda bread toasted with butter and blueberry jam.  I went round and round our pretty little park until i lost count and my legs started to hurt a bit!  I sported my overly summer-y floral crown which has felt too summery to wear until today.  Today has been so so lovely and HOT.  I came home, hung out washing and gave Willow the bicycle her very first bath of the Summer.  Then i spent the afternoon with the skylight as wide as it would go, drinking icy water with torn up mint leaves in, and nibbling on banana cake.
*  *  *
Tonight i am home alone! The Mr is playing a charity gig in town and as yet i am undecided as to if i should go.  They aren't playing until midnight which is way past my bedtime, especially also as i am working Saturday and Sunday…le sigh.  I might get a sudden burst of rock and roll energy and grab a taxi down.  If not, i shall be catching up with the latest Simple Things and Red magazine and probably doing some cutting and sticking.  

What are your weekend plans you lucky DUCKS?!


  1. Beautiful photos! I have never tried pimms with fiery beer- I'm definitely going to have to give that a go.
    Faye |

  2. Such beautiful photo's! I really love the one of the floral crown, you really caught the light well! All of the sky pictures are just beautiful too.

    Fizzy Peaches



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